Oyaide Cables

What are your thoughts about this Oyaide cable company? I been using XLO signature series for many years and wanted to try this company IC and speaker cables. I read a few post that people are mentioning how good these cables are for real down to earth prices. I'm in search of some cables that are on the warmer and richer in tone.

My $0.02 worth - they don't have a consistent house sound, but rather have models that cater to different taste. Some can be quite bright, while some can be full and rich.

I only have experience with their ICs and power cords. But the Tunami Terzo or the AR / AZ 910 are detailed yet super duper smooth and grainless. Warm and rich power cord ? That would be the Tunami GPX-R V2.  

I found the Oyaide products to be a lot of bang for the buck in a good way. You can save more dollars by purchasing the Oyaide wire and completing the project your self if you desire. I believe the end result in sound is system dependent regarding erictsh's comment above. Yes, I do recommend Oyaide products to you however I've never heard what the XLO Signature series sounds like. Oyaide has many levels to choose from as mentioned above.
I'm using focal 1038be speakers, McIntosh d150 DAC/pre and parasound JC1 amps. Fingers crossed that it doesn't sound like a thin can. Thanks for the input guys. 

Highly Recommended.

I started by building Black Mamba V2 Power Cords.

Shifted to the Tunami Terzo V2 Interconnects.

Topped it all off with the Across 3000 Speaker Cables.

If you are not experienced with building your own Cables then I suggest that you start with their pre-made products. It takes practice to work with their Cables due to the heavy duty Outer Sheath & Diameter Size.

I had to build my own Interconnects since I am using XLR To RCA. In addition, I am not too thrilled with the White Outer Sheath on the Tunami Terzo V2.

This is some of the finest Copper that I have ever seen in the limited name Brands that I have built.

I have ordered all of my Oyaide from this Trusted Seller;


Also agree with ericteh above; " But the Tunami Terzo or the AR / AZ 910 are detailed yet super duper smooth and grainless ".

One more pair of Interconnects to modify and I will never look at other Cables again.

Wow, Oyaide cables are getting quite a bit of love around here. Even tho there isn't much noise from the company or any pro reviews. I might just pull the trigger and try some their Tunami Terzo xx IC and power cord. 
I just got a used Oyaide DR510 1.3m digital cable. First few hours not so great treble emphasis, I let it burn in playing some symphonies.. Now, five hours later sound great. Much better than the old Zu cable I had. I actually only bought the Oyaide because the 1m Zu was too short to move the equipment! The 1.3m Oyaide is just right.
One annoyance with the Cable Co and Oyaide is the wait. You pay AND wait weeks. Glad I could find a used one.
From a review of Oyaide DB510 digital cable. Food for thought? Food seems like a common thread these days. 😛

“The idea of digital cables sounding different from one another will probably shock many people. According to some, “Bits are bits”and either the digital data is perfectly transmitted or there are drops and glitches but there shouldn’t be any “in-between”.

But the reality is different. There are no 1 and 0s running around in a digital cable. Actually, the signal being transmitted is analog in nature (square waves to be precise) and there are tiny timing errors that occur in the spdif interface (called jitter) that show up in the decoded data by the DAC. So the data being transmitted can be ”bit perfect” but the jitter will affect noticeably the analog output of a DAC. The jitter problem has been discussed extensively elsewhere, so I won’t go into the details.

Just know that jitter exist in cables and that itis measurable (see an old article from stereophile here: Stereophile: A Transport of Delight: CD Transport Jitter)

One interesting thing about that article is that jitter can be different according to the direction of the cable. Robert Harley (Stereophile) measured a cable that gave a figure of 4050ps on one direction vs 2700ps in another direction.”

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Wow, Oyaide cables are getting quite a bit of love around here. Even tho there isn’t much noise from the company or any pro reviews. I might just pull the trigger and try some their Tunami Terzo xx IC and power cord.

Order them from chuya-online from Japan.

Type in Oyaide in the search Box after you open the above Link that I posted to find what you need. I would suggest their Pre-Made Black Mamba V2 Power Cord if you can handle the White.

If you do purchase then chuya-online sends you a Confirmation e-mail which you have to respond to after review and I have responded previously with " Ship Please ".

They ship EMS Japan and there is no need going through the Cable Company as Elizabeth has noted above since you will save money ordering directly from Japan.

I discovered the Oyaide Black Mamba V2 Power Cords in the Cable Asylum.

I have been using 4 Tunami PC's in my system for about 3 years now. Very happy with the results. Great value for the money. 

Since there is some interest in Oyaide, I'll share my thoughts on the various Oyaide cables I've tried. I'm in Singapore, and we have a local dealer that makes sourcing their cables easy.

Power Cords

PA23 - Thinner than the monstrous Tunami. Good highs but a bit lightweight sounding in the bass

Black Mamba V2 - Quite neutral and detailed. Super value for money. Not as heavy handed as the Tunami.

Tunami GPX - Warm tone. Very low noise floor and very powerful bass. Some may find the top-end a bit lacking 

Tunami GPX-V2 - Improvement over the original Tunami. This is more open sounding.


Tunami Terzo V2 - Detailed and super smooth and laidback.

AZ910 - Similar to the Terzo V2 but with more detail.

Digital Cable

DB/DR-510 - This is the FTVS-510 bulk 75 ohm pure silver core cable with Oyaide's BNC / RCA plug with pure silver center pins. These aren't bright sounding at all, but instead have a high detailed yet warm and full balance. 

Has anyone compared the Tunami GPX R V2 to Cardas Golden Reference or Golden Power?
I would absolutely agree with @ericteh about the sound of Oyaide power cables.
I am a big fan of the Oyaide power distribution products. The Black Mamba V2 is one of the best values in 12awg power cables- and is neutral. Of course the US markup is way too much...next time you are in Tokyo stop by the Oyaide shop, such fun.

One key item from Oyaide that does not get much press is the P-004 UNPLATED Beryllium Copper plugs, and the R0 UNPLATED Beryllium Copper outlets. These were developed to have the most neutral presentation. I feel the palladium and platinum plated versions(P-004/R1) have a highlighting effect that may be good on tube gear, digital, and video, ymmv.
-Beryllium copper has a tensile strength 1.5 times that of phosphorus bronze. This allows for a strong grip of plug within outlet. 

I have built many power cables with Japanese parts including Oyaide, Nanotech Japan, Acrolink, and others. Oyaide and Acrolink are my favorite of the cables. 
Eric's Hi-Fi Blog is a good reference for people interested in Japanese power products:http://singaporehifi.blogspot.com/search/label/oyaide

I will use the Furutech FP-209 spades for large awg power cables, but after auditioning many Furutech products including their factory made power cables with NFC, and distribution boxes- I still prefer the Oyaide outlets, plugs, and cables. We carefully auditioned these items in a mastering studio and Oyaide was a clear winner for all.

-as always ymmv