I just replaced the plugs on my power cords with Oyaide. The difference in sound is startling. There is just so much more going on. The dynamics are oh so much more varied, and delicate. I don't get that distortion when I make it louder...it just easily gets louder. Great!!!
What are the power cords: brand, material composition, gauge, etc.?
What Oyaide plugs did you use? I have a few cables in my system with Oyaide plugs and use their outlets as well. I have an R1 for the wall outlet and the BPT power strip uses SWO-GX outlets.
I had extension cords I made myself...3 conductor 12 guage, SJ 300 V. AIW-K SCA FT1. I used regular top grade plugs that was recommended to me from a large electrical supply house. I chopped the ends and installed the OYAIDE C-046, and P-046 on the ends.. Wow!! I suppose if I use that OYAIDE silver wire between them it would sound better, but I found that the wire has far less influence on the sound than do the plugs
When you state that you have heard larger benefits of changing plugs than in different wire, does this mean you have experimented with different power cord wire while using the same plugs during the experiment?
I have a bunch of different wire and a couple of power cords from Cardas and Audioquest..tried those
I have a bunch of different wire and a couple of power
cords from Cardas and Audioquest..tried those
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You used
these in their stock configuration, correct? In other words, you didn't replace
plugs on a Cardas cable with different plugs?

Just trying to understand how you concluded plugs make more difference

Is it based on the extension cord sounding better than the Cardas,
etc. after you had installed the Oyaide plugs?

Wonder what would happen if one put Oyaide plugs on Cardas wire...

BTW, a local dealer is very enthusiastic about the Oyaide power cords. I use
Oyaide PA-02 wire for 30 foot balanced interconnects, and it is excellent
wire. You can find the various Oyaide wire, including the power cord wire, in
bulk from a few retailers.
Hi Tvad,
Which retailers offer the Oyaide in bulk?
Mr Bill, Chris Venhaus (www.vhaudio.com) and www.takefiveaudio.com sell bulk Oyaide cable.
Oyaide Tunami bulk wire:


VH Audio

Take Five Audio also lists it, but they are out of stock.
Actually, I found Cardas power cords the very worst power cords I have ever heard. Yes I chopped the ends off of Purist, Audioquest, Cardas, and they all very much improved with the Oyaide plugs, and they all sounded pretty much alike. I like best the wire that I got from the electrical supply house. I may try the Oyaide wire. I believe that is 10 guage to the 12 guage I'm using, and has an additional ground/shield. As it happens my system is DEAD quiet with this wire.
Looking at the price of Oyaide Tunami bulk wire and Oyaide C-046 plugs, it
seems the prefabricated Oyaide power cords (with C-046 plugs) are a better
value. About the same price (if not less) than the cost of DIY Oyaide cords.

Which model Oyaide plugs did you install?
TVAD...that may be so, however, I wouldn't have the fun of experimentation. I used C-046, and P=046. They are the most neutral.
I wasn't criticizing your experiment. After all, you didn't use Oyaide wire. I
was just mentioning what I learned during my research.

Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm.

I've decided to try a pair of Oyaide Tunami cords on my amps.
Tvad...tell us how it goes..I just might use the bulk wire and put the plugs on that depending on your evaluation. Thanks Stan
I've got a bunch of Black Sand Mark V PC's with Wattgate 330i / 350i terminations and one with the Oyaide 004 series terminations. IMHO, the Black Sand / Oyaide has markedly more sparkle.
I installed a pair of Oyaide Tunami GPX power cords on my amps today. The short story is more clarity and a lower noise floor which has resulted in more apparent volume at a lower setting on the preamp's volume knob.

They seem very transparent (meaning neutral), as I also discovered using Oyaide PA-02 wire for balanced interconnects between my preamp and amplifiers. I'd say there is a definite "house sound" between the two examples of Oyaide products I own. Crisp and clear with excellent tonal balance. Akin to Shunyata in that regard.
How is the Oyaide Tunami GPX wire attached to the C-O46 plugs--solder, crimp, screws? I'm obviously new to DIY, and I couldn't tell from the web site pictures.
My Tunami GPX are factory built, so I have no idea how the plugs are attached, nor does it concern me.
I have a 1.5 m length of Oyaide Tunami I bought from
VH Audio terminated with Oyaide p/c-004 plugs i also purchased there, you can see pics here;


The drop in noise floor was so dramatic I had to adjust my volume setting and panicked I had screwed up the attachment some how causing a drop in volume level somehow,lol.. It was a rather startling and obvious change from the
pre-fabbed stock cable I'd had. Mating it with their R1 may have had something to do with the overall success of the effort but I am very satisfied.
Just clocking the thread
I have also been experimenting with Oyaide plugs and IECs -- replacing the stock plugs and IECs on the ends of Synergistic Research Master Couplers. The effect has been nothing short of astonishing especially with the P-004 and C-004. Resolution, dynamics, sound stage have all improved dramatically. I see that SR actually uses an Oyaide P-079 on the end of one or 2 of their high end cables. Actually I have found the P-79 veiled and constricted the sound and the P-004 opened everything up and took the veil off with the Master Couplers -- this was on a special purpose cable from a 100-volt amp to a step-down transformer. But I imagine Ted Denney at SR knows what he is doing with the cables he is terminating with Oyaide plugs. He is one of the most knowledgeable people in the high end audio business -- IMHO.
Update: Regarding my earlier posting about the P-079 I changed things around. I cut the stock plug off the step-down transformer and spliced it on the end -- the result was dramatic. The transformer now leads via a Master Coupler to a 100-volt Marantz PM-15 (original 1994 version) integrated amplifier. I took the stock plugs off the Master Coupler and spliced on an Oyaide C-004 IEC and P-037 -- a dramatic improvement, once again. If you experiment with low cost SR Master Couplers and high cost Oyaides you may find a perfect match for your system. It is all about synergy. You will notice an immediate difference in resolution (so much more low level detail), bass and sound stage.