Oxidation on surface of cable under clear jacket

Wondered if anyone has had this problem.  I have a pair of “Oval” cables I was going to reintroduce into my system.  They’re 15 years old.  I noticed that green oxidation had formed over a length of the cable under the clear jacket.  Since there is shrink tubing over the spade connector, so I can’t tell if the oxidation has reached the connector.  Problem is the manufacturer’s warranty was over many years ago.  They weren’t inexpensive. Seems others have had the same issue.  I guess I’ll give them a call to see what can be done, but I’m not optimistic.  I do have another manufacturer’s cables I can use if this can’t be remedied.. Your thoughts?


 Hi Deanrk,

When I started building my first Hi-Fi system, decades ago, I built my own speaker cables.  They had clear shielding, and eventually noticed the same oxidation problem that you experienced.  So, I started searching for a replacement...

I agree with the first half of williewonka's comments, but not the second half.

You see, I replaced my DIY cables with Audio Envy cables then realized I had made a mistake.  After a break-in period (over 100 hours), the Audio Envy cables were noticeably unbalanced sounding (thin, harsh treble, average mid-range, anemic bass). 

When I called the owner of Audio Envy to relay my concern, I was told that the 'brand new' cables that I bought a few weeks ago had already been replaced.  Apparently, he was cleaning-out his stock of OLD cables, which he sold to me.  I asked to upgrade these old cables, for the new ones, but he refused to give me credit for the ones that I just purchased!

I turned to Anti-cables (Level 3), which were just a little more money at that time, and I really like Anti-cables as an entry-level solution.  Much, much better balance, coherence, and all-around more 'believable'.  Please know that, other than making full-retail purchases, I have no affiliation with Anti-Cables.

Furthermore, the Anti-cables website states: 

Return Policy

Products may be returned for a full refund up to 30 days after taking delivery. The ZEROs are a full 60 days.

  • Returns must be approved before they are shipped.
  • Custom made orders are not returnable.

I had one customer-service issue (and exchange) with Anti-Cables and it was promptly addressed. I recently upgraded my speakers, and the Anti-Cables are performing great.  Though inexpensive, I believe that they are NOT a limiting Q factor in my system.

I hope this helps,


Inagroove  Good advice. The 12TCs I have areindividually insulated single strands. I’ll give them a close exam before I connect them. And they’re about 3 yrs old  I’m out of town for about another month. And then another listen.  I was also looking/not ready to buy, Straight Wire and the other recommendations. But not till I reevaluate the 12TCs

BTW. Now I’m also wondering what shape my Oval interconnects are r in?  They don’t have a clear outer sheath. I’ll give them a look when I get back  ANC’s Kimber Hero interconnects

  Lastly, if this is a problem with many cables (affordable and expensive), do we go into this knowing that down the road it’s not a long term investment?

I’m looking for my 10 Ga. Zip cord. LoL