Owning the speakers you dreamed of 20 years ago

Does speaker technology really change that much?  As I'm listening to my Klipsch Heresy's in a bedroom setup, I decided to look up to see what $3k or so could buy me today used and was shocked to see the speakers I used to drool over, when I was done looking at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition ;), were available for a quarter or less of the money.

Revel Ultima
Sonus Faber
JM Lab Mezzo 

And more, are all available to buy used.

Seriously these were speakers I would daydream about.  How do they sound today compared to a speaker that you would spend $3k on new or even a few years old?  How could these $10k speakers from a time I can still remember, really sound like a $3k speaker?  My Klipsch's remind me that speakers even older and cheaper are irreplaceable to me, so why wouldn't I spend $3k for one of my old heroes?

What am I missing here?

I do. Magneplanar Tympani IVa's.

Although I have substituted Bohlender and Graebener RD75's for the midrange panels. The RD75's are superb.
Meridian dsp8000 20 years ago were $40k and now can be found for $10k, 6 X 8'' woofers per side 5 built in dsp controlled amps, I couldn't resist.
I heard B&W 801 Matrix speakers around 1990, fell in lust but they were well beyond my reach at the time, I'd just started a family. Many years later when the overtime was good and I saw a pair locally. When I got them wired up I was slightly disappointed, they were just OK, just not what I'd been dreaming of.  I pushed against the wall rolled them out once a month or so. Not long after,  I rolled KT-88's tubes into my VTL amps, I had been using Wing "C" 6550's and the 88's turned out to be the touchdown.  After years of enjoyment, MY perfect system is now collecting dust. I'm retired and early in the Pandemic, I moved to a cabin and the Battery/Solar power system would be stressed using the VTL's.  Thinking about the 801 and the years of enjoyment that system gave me leaves me with a warm smile.
I owned Infinity Kappa 8 in 1986-1989. I am lately the proud owner of Vandersteen 2ci and a 2wq sub.

I might be stuck 30 years back.