owners of vandy 5a

hi everyone,
i was wondering on a average how far from the back of speaker to back wall gives you best sound
I have model 5 not 5A. I place them 67 inches from the wall behind the speaker and 40 inches from the side walls, both measured from the top front center of the grill.
Hi Al,

Mine are about 5 ft. from the back walls and 4 ft. from the side walls. Have fun setting up your new speakers.

Paul Bujold
Mine are only 2 ft from back wall and 22" from one side wall and 5ft from the other. I know this sounds sub-optimal , but they sound great, and the dealer who set them up in the room thought they were one of the better sounding setups he had heard.
Hi, Try running the numbers from the manual and you'll quickly be able to find a few good spots to try in your room. Every room is going to have different nodes... The manual is actually very good about helping you set things up. It will take some time and effort though. Ideally, your dealer should handle this completely. Have you discussed it with them?

I have an 18'x30' room with 13.5' high cathedral ceilings. The speakers are on the 18' wall. Currently they are 5' from the side walls and 4.5' from the back wall and have essentially no toe-in. I sit 8' from each speaker, which are 8' apart.

This setup works great for me, but I am always fiddeling around. As little as 1" can make a large difference in the soundstage, so it pays to be patient and move the speakers around, listen, and make measurements.

Since the speakers are very difficult to move, I purchased some large restraurant cookie sheets and cut some MDF to fit. I put the speakers on these sheets for easy repositioning during testing.