Owners of the JA Michell SE turntable..question.

Is the on/off switch suppose to light up?...mundane question sorry.....
mine doesn't. it would detract from the pods anyway.
My light never worked either, and I bought the unit new from a dealer -- if you're talking about the Gyro SE. But, you'd have to be pretty drunk not to see the platter spinning, what, with the dangling gold weights and all... :)

That said, the light does light on my Orbe SE, which is a lot harder to notice if the platter is spinning, even if you're sober.

Certainly the light does not make the speed any more accurate (possibly the reverse).
If your talking about the button on top of the motor - mine lights up.
Jyprez lights up whenever he talks about his Gyro SE. Does that count?
Here is the observation from my turntables:
Michell Gyrodec(full version) with AC motor and QC power supply does not have the switch light up.
Orbe SE MKII with DC motor does have switch light up.

I'm not sure whether it is the AC/DC motor circuit difference or whether it is one of those things that Michell improved over the years.(AC motor being older design)
Mine worked for awhile...it was a blueish green light..now its burned out...I don't care...I know when the table is running...the platter spins.