Owners of Pass Labs XA30.5

Hello Friends, I am using this amp for last two years and
my speakers are from Dynaudio Crafft which has 86 db in 4 ohms. My listening room size is 14x18x12 (WxLxH).
Always the amp play in AB mode. Some what I am missing class A playback. There is no budget to me go for XA 60.5. So, Please share your experience of your speakers which drives this amp.I am planning to changing the speakers. I saw some reviews recommending to go for 89 or 90 db speakers. But, I am confused to select the speakers and worried about the sound,synergy. My budget is usd 3-5k.- Thank you
The Pass XA 30.5 pairs amazingly well with the Zu Omen Defs, especially if you get one with updated drivers and capacitors......it will stay in Class A up to rock concert levels and has amazing dynamics and vocals.......
IMO,I would sell the amp you have and get an X250.5.The 30.5 is way too limited and suffers in the bass.They are about the same money on the secondary market,although the 250.5 is harder to find, easier to sell and opens the speaker search to alot of choices that you are not going to get with that amp you have..
Curious, when you say, "Always the amp play in AB mode", are you drawing that conclusion because the meter is "always" bouncing around?

I can't recommend a brand of speaker, that's going to be up to your ears. I can recommend some specs to look for: 8 ohms (or higher), the flatter the impedance graph the better (avoid big dips and negative phase angles), and if you like it loud, higher efficiency.

Any of those will help. The more the better.
Agree with Morganc and Onemug, keep the fine amp you have and get rid of the power wasting speaker and find one with higher efficiency and easier load that keeps the amp in class A more often.
Best of Luck,
Much also depends on how loud you like to listen. I use my 30.5 with Dynaudio Confidence C-1s, and they sound great and the needle never moves. But then, I live in an apartment, so not pushing the envelope.
Hello Fvl, Surprising me !!! becoz my speaker spec and yours are similar to same. Might your room size is smaller than mine. Can you tell me what volume level normally you listen?
I am pushing the class A envelope with my 4 ohm, 90bd Audio Physic Virgo II speakers. The needle starts moving at moderate levels and I have a large space. The 30.5 is rated over 250 watts AB @ 4ohms. What would be the advantage of the 250.5? The bass I hear is tight and tuneful even with the needle moving. At lower sound levels it is pure,musical,sweet and revealing. If you don't have the money for 60.5 or the 100.5...start asking for donations to your music foundation.
Would an XA30.5 be adequate running my Montana XP speakers? 92 db @ 2 watts 4 Ohms multi driver 2x10" 2x7" 2x4" and 1 tweeter per speaker. Room size is 34x25, but I don't think I play it that loud.

I run the EPS2 with an INT-30A. Pretty similar sensitivity; the design is rather like the XP with the big bass drivers lopped off.

The sound is lovely (warm and smooth), but: my serious listening is pretty quiet (peaks typically below 85, often below 80) with small scale music (female vocal, folk), my room is smaller than yours (13x20), and the combination is not thumping in the lows. I previously ran a pretty powerful A/AB amp (180wpc), which is closer to what PBN builds, and that had more authority on the bottom (but not as sweet elsewhere).

So while I'm very happy with the combo, I could see people who care about drama and bass being less so. Finances permitting, it might be worth going further up the line: some say that the 60 is not hugely different than the 30, so maybe the 100 is what's needed.


Thanks for your thoughts. I was using a tube integrated with 80 watts, but was considering the Pass as I'm getting sick of tubes. I also use a Velodyne DD-15 sub, so the bass is plenty as my Montanas are out in the center of the living room and actually lack in the low bass (<50Hz). My finances do not permit the XA60.5, but I could swing a used 30.5 Thanks

It's always a gamble when you take recommendations. Sometimes the odds are better than good. I think the odds are pretty good that you'd be real happy with the 30.5.

I own one and use it with my Guarneri's in my home office but for awhile I had it hooked it up to my Maggie 3.6's in a larger room. The Mags are 4 ohm/low 80's db, and I had to go louder than "I" would like to make the needles move.

A 4 ohm rating is just the "average" impedance and it varies depending on the frequency. The less the impedance varies the better for lower power amps. The 30.5 has so much in reserve and if you prefer mid/lower volume levels, your odds get even better. Good luck.
Thanks Onemug, I am quite close to my decision. The only other candidate is the Modwright KWA 150 SE. Anybody have any thoughts between the two?
The resale on the Pass will be much higher. Other than that my guess would be that they are quite similar (that's just a guess as I haven't heard the Modwright but have read all about it).
Hi All, Any one driving silverline ref 17 supreme monitor with this XA30.5? or any other matching silverline speakers?