Owners of Duntech Crown Prince still out there?

If so, I have great news for you: After 14 years of fun my Duntech Crown Prince's crossovers were recently updated by Duntech Australia by replacing all the parts that are subject to aging. Moreover, I put in 10 new drivers. Total costs were less than 2,000 USD. In 20 years I've listened to them all (Wilsons, Dynaudios, Burmesters, B&Ws, Audio Physics', Revels etc.) and I'm confident that you can't get a better speaker for less than 15,000 USD. That figure includes used models!
yes, am still using duntech prince's i bought in 1995,probably built in 89...some months ago i changed two boomers and the crossover caps to SCR ones,my amp is an airtight ATM2.
In spite of visiting several high end hifi stores, i cannot find out any system more involving and closer to the real sound as mine..
I will visit soon a recording studio using duntech sovereign's fr mastering,fed by an hypex digital amp,in order to get a comparison feed-back.
Resurrecting this thread from the dead... I just jumped on a pair of Crown Princes and WOW.. I love these speakers.  Bass is excellent which is very important to me, I hate using subs with 2 ch.  Had the woofer surrounds replaced with Dynaudio surrounds at Duntechs suggestion.  Anyway, I have a few questions maybe you can help answer.

1. What was the original MSRP in USD?

2. I've noticed several different designs of the rear post panel.. Some have one set of binding posts, others have two.  Some have switches, others don't.  Mine have one set of posts with two LF switches to lower the bass by 1 or 2 db...

I had a pair of the original Crown Princes with the veneer (which made it a Princess); the list price back in 1987 when I got them was $7,700US, I believe.  The Crown Prince without the veneer was less, maybe between $6,000 and $6,500 (?).  It had two pairs of binding posts for bi-wiring, no LF switches.  Sounds like yours might be a later model.