Owners of Cary 308,308T, Arcam FMJ 33 or Ayre CX-7

If anyone is interested, my current rig and description of it's contents can be seen in the "budget minded" of virtual systems under Yarvis' Rig. I am looking to hear from the owners of the aforementioned CD players. I am looking to upgrade from a modified Music Hall CD-25 (bought from Underwood HiFi) and would greatly appreciate owners comments good and bad concerning their expereinces. Budget will be an issue and I think I might want to go new on this purchase. (but that is always negotiable) What do you think of THESE players and how do they sound? I hope to hear from many of you!

The Tube Research Labs website is here:


I believe they charge $550 plus shipping for their mod of most players. You supply the unit. They do a lot of Sony's. They will source the unit for the Sony 595 which they are doing a bunch of right now and they are buying 10-30 a week of those.

I know they also do mods on other units besides Sony units such as Esoteric, Marantz,Denon, and other already modded units that people are not happy with, etc.

Paul would have to quote you on specific units, but again I think most units are $550.

Yes, it is cheap. If that bothers you, then there are plenty of other options that will take more of your money-like 10 times that amount.

The sound? The best digital I have ever heard. Think of the best analog turntable setup you have heard and you get the idea. Many would agree and they are dumping their other modded units for the unassuming TRL Sony 595.

Since I have not heard as many units as some people, you may wish to look at this review from 6 Moons on the TRL mod of the Sony 775.

The 595 mod is much better according to all who have heard both. The same reviewer is doing another review on the TRL 595 this month in 6 Moons. He apparently is quite impressed.

There is a thread below about the TRL which turned into a troll thread, but there is other info in it that may be of interest.

Good luck in your search.
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If you are going used you won't be able to beat the Arcam FMJ 23. I've had the 23,and 33 and believe that the 23 gives up very little ground to the 33. Dynamics are great, soundstage is wide & deep and the vocals on it are amazing. I am currently using the Ayre CX-7 and would not swap back for either or the Arcam's, but I am also using an Ayre amp & pre-amp so I am probably getting some synergies, (balanced connection for one) that were not avaiable with the Arcam. I have not heard the Cary. At the end of the day I don't think one can make a "wrong" decision when choosing between players of this caliber, but given budget considerations you can get an awesome CD player and save $400 to $800 by going with the Arcam FMJ 23. I have not had a chance to hear any of the Cary line. Happy Hunting!
Thanks for your thoughts and input. I am still undecided, but the Arcam is loooking like a GREAT contender. I am now thinking that price point is going to be a major consideration and a used Arcam or Cary will be the least expensive way to go.
I just sold a cd 92 and bought a cd 33 for a very decent price,and if i would have had to pay more then i did for the 33 i probably would not have bought it that said the 92 is a awesome player the cd 33 takes it up a nice step,i am very happy with it.
I have the Cary 308t, which I upgraded to from a Jolida JD100. I suspect the Jolida and your CD-25 are comparable in cost/performance. In my system, the Cary maintains the warmth of the Jolida, but with much improved detail and clarity. I have been very happy with the Cary.

Good Luck|