Owners of Bel Canto Evo 200.2 Please Help

I'm getting one of these babies soon. The reviews say that this amp needs power conditioning, do you guys agree? Also, what power cord do you recommend, based on its digital nature? thanks in advance, Mark.
I have had my used BC EVo about four months. All this time it has been just pluged into the wall. With a Classe' integrated for a preamp, it has shown a power to resolve I have never heard before. This is a killer amp!Last week I cured it's only failing--it's a bit dry. I mated it to a Cary tube preamp. Now it resolves with great detail, but sounds like music, fully fleshed out with body.
I use a VanEvers Super Companion for my power conditioning, and various powercords. The most cost effective power cords are TG Audio. I checked with a dealer for both TG and Bel Canto , Sonic Culture , and they said to use the HSR-i power cord. I have one already so I'm just gonna upgrade my power conditioner to a Audio Prism Foundation 3.
I hope you enjoy your EVo.
What your (and mine) EVO 200.2 needs is 4 ohm speakers. I'm not really technically minded (so I don't pretend to know why) but when I heard the difference between an 8 ohm and a 4 ohm, well, lets just say it was obvious.

I use a Tice Solo A/V and it works just fine, althought I'm thinking about upgrading to the Audio Magic Stealth. I was told by a dealer that I trust that PS Audio wouldn't help very much because Bel Canto uses a choke system (again, I don't know what that means) but I was saved the 2400 bucks I was about to plunk down.

When I first bought the EVO I just assumed that a tubed preamp was a necessity. At the time I was using a Meridian 502 preamp and the sound was so etched it bordered on painful. So I listened to Kora, Antique Sound, Jadis, just about anything under 5 grand. I was ready to go with a CJ, when I read a review in Soundstage about mating the EVO 200.2 with Bel Canto's own Pre-1 with the DAC 1.1 installed. No way it could sound better than tubes! But the reviewer (a dedicated tube freak) was right. The sound had all the liquidity, the tight bass, and the soundstage that I was looking for.

As far as powercords go, I've had success with the new one from Dedicated Audio, which you can get here on Audiogon for about 200 dollars a pop. Very nice cord that I'm still breaking in, better out of the box than my entry level BMIs.

So to recap: My experience was that the following order was most important:
2)4 ohm speaker
4)power conditioner
I don't think you will like the EVO unless you get a tube preamp. The amp with solid state preamps is just too dry sounding with or without power conditioning. Hope things work out.
After trying lots of power cords ended up with TG Audio HSR-A Gen.II with an Audioprosm Quietline plugged into the same duplex outlet. The I seemed to constrict dynamics and didn't sound as open. The PS 300 sounded electronic and the hydra also squelched dynamics. I would also love to try the stealth as I trust the review who reviewed it on enjoy the music and he heard the same things I did from the hydra.