Owners of a Conrad-Johnson MF-2550se Power Amp - Please post your thoughts

I just purchased a CJ MF-2550se and am burning it in at the moment. About 80 hours on it. I would like to hear from owners of this amp about how they feel about it and what other components & speakers it is connected to incl. power cords, etc. Thank You!
Sold mine as is after it died . Happier with sound of my PL Prologue Premium integrated.  I had the ET3-se with that amp . The high gain and short tube life was a PITA.  A good pre-amp with that amp could get fine sound for you SS guys . 
From everything that I've read, it's supposed to be a great all-around amp, if not the boldest. Everyone agrees that there is a painfully long break0in time because of the Teflon capacitors. I would be happy to have one, because I remember its solid state cj predecessors, and those amps sounded beautiful. This should certainly be an improvement, which would make it a great amp.


Was your CJ the original 2550 or 2550se? How many years did you own it before it died? What went bad? Thanks!

2550SE . Ebay buyer had it repaired . Don't know what was fixed . Had it 1-2 yrs.
Thanks tamule1. I have a Vinnie Rossi Lio with 2 tubes in it but the tubes don't soften up voices & guitars. What is it about the Primaluna Prologue that you prefer over the CJ 2550se? Do you just prefer tubes generally over SS? I'm skeptical about getting a tube amp only because SS just gets bass so right for me although tubes do take that sibilant edge off of voice & ringing guitar.
Generally a tuber for the more euphonic kind of distortion. PL's been a better bargain. 
Solid state gets both electric guitar and electric bass music "right" and better than a tubed power amp.
Certainly nothing wrong w/ a tubed pre-amp and solid state power amp (my fave combo for Rock, Metal, Pop and Jazz music).
Bought mine a year ago (not the SE model). I use CJ Classic 2 pre amp. Very happy with the 2550. The depth of the lower mids & bass are intoxicating! When I want to enjoy CJ tube I switch over to a Classic 60SE - another thing of beauty!