Owners: How do you like your Vandersteen Quatros?

Howdy, I'm curious to hear if there are any owners of the new Quatros here on the List. If so, what are your thoughts on them? What system are you driving them with?
How do you like yours? Someone is trying to convert me from Merlins to Quatros.
I like them quite a bit. Since I've never heard the Merlins I can't offer you any constructive feedback on switching between the two. I guess the real question is what do you want to improve on? The Vandersteen's attributes are pretty clear, but if you have any questions feel free to email me.
Do you have a link or website to BEL. Looking at your system I noticed that you are trying out some BEL high pass filters. Although I just ordered a set of x-2,s for my 2wq sub, i like to know other options and your updated comments for those hp x-overs. Another option are the custom made using dynamicaps by Audiogner Maxgain, although i recently inquire about and unfotunatly he is going through some health family issues and unable to do them.
Hi Cardani,

There is no website for BEL. He only makes those filters for his amps impedance anyway. So unless your amp is the same they won't work well. Your best bet is to use the adjustable Vandersteen XOVRs. They're the best out there unless you have the BEL amps and then you have an option. The X-2s are good, but not in the same league as the adjustables/BEL.

Good luck!
I heard the Quatros with Audio Research gear and I thought that they sounded fantastic... Particularly I thought that this combination provided for a real "you are there" expereince.