Owner's manual for the Audio Alchemy DDE v.3 Dac

Does anyone have the Owner's Manual for the Audio Alchemy DDE v.3 Dac? If so I can pay for the shipping cost and photocopy expense to have it shipped to me. Or if they could tell me the correct way to reset the micro-controller then I won't need the Owner's Manual. Thanks
Hello, I am looking for the same manual! If you were
able to locate one, please e-mail me. I will do the same
should I come across one as well. Thanks, Jim

Did you ever get a copy of the AA DDE 3.0? I need one too.

Try this company:

You send them a request by e-mail and they reply as to whether they have it and, if so, the cost to order.
You can find a scanned (english version) of the DDE 3.0 manual at this Russian website: http://album.foto.ru/photo/215689

If you want the text on the website translated, make a search in Google and press "translate this page"