owner/Opinions on Def Tech 15tl+ sub

Have anybody heard the Def Tech 15TL+ sub? I've read some pretty positive reviews and want a sub that will go deeper and louder than my Paradigm ps1000. Thanks!
Jim P
I've owned one for about a year now and plan on keeping it for awhile longer. Great for home theatre use, pretty good for music listening. If your primary use is for music then I would definately do some comparison shopping. That being said, on a performance vs value basis its a VERY competitive sub. I actually traded DOWN from the Def Tech 18tl with a friend of mine to better match the 15" woofers in my main speakers. These subs dont just claim to go low, they actually do. Go easy on the output level adjustment and calibrate the sound pressure levels to match the rest of your speaker output levels with one of the good calibration discs (Avia, Video essentials, etc.) and I think you'll be pleasantly suprised. IMO. Later...
Bigwood, Thanks for the reply. I listen to a LOT of music from Classical to metal and my wife loves the movies so I'm looking forward at having a sub that will give me that physical presence I'm missing. I was going to sell my Paradigm PS1000 because of the boomyness and muddy characterI was having problems with but found out the MIT Terminater 2 interconect cleaned it up dramatically over my cheaper monster, strange the MIT wire does this. I have the Avia test dvd, great helpfull disc to calibrate with the Rat Shack SPL meter. Again thanks for the reply!
Jim P