Owens corning 703

After reading Mr. Everest's book, I am attempting changes to my listening room. The walls are dry wall. The speakers are on either side of teh fireplace. I am planning to put on either side of the fireplace a sound absorbing material and cover it with a plaesing fabric so my fiance doesn't rip my head off.

I am looking into owens cornig 703 but it is a bit hard ot find in home depot-like stores

I am looking for some other ideas. Weyerhauser makes a 4 x 8 foot "sound deadening board" but the frequency caharcteristics are not available.
I know Mr. Porter used acoustic panels from owens corning and I hope he will chime in


The site to find contractors for acoustic treatment and a link to communicate with the people who manufacture the product.


Images of finished spaces that include the hidden track system that allows custom fabric to be installed that is as invisible as painted wall surfaces.
JD, What is the title of the book by Mr. Everest ? Thanks.