Overwhelmed and under experienced...

This post is in regards to power cables. Hoping for a bit of insight.
I’m relatively new to "better" audio. 18 to 24 months at best.
My system consist of Oppo 203. A Marantz 7012 with Voodoo Vision Digital. A Monolith 5X200 RMS amplifier (unit power cable is in question for) with factory cable. Tekton Design Impact towers for front channels and PSB towers for rear channels. SVS subwoofer with a Voodoo Powerwave power cable.
I run Morrow Audio MA2 interconnects and SP6 speaker cables.
With the exception of the Monolith being plugged straight in to a Cruzefirst receptacle in the wall everything else is run thru a Shunyata PS8 connected to the wall using a Shunyata Venom HC power cable.
My system is used roughly 50/50 for music and home theatre. Music is 95% steamed from Tidal using a Supra Cat8 ethernet from router to the Marantz.
I am currently looking to replace the Shunyata Venom HC I had been using for the Monolith amplifier that was moved to the Shunyata PS8.
Lately I have come across an overwhelming amount of interesting options. Everything from an individual named Marcus Tunis on US Audiomart selling Black Shadow cables (4 runs of mil-spec silver over copper with Acrolink poly rhodium plated terminations) at $300 for 3 ft. to a Lessloss DFPC original at $275 directly from Lessloss. A customer return he stated. Also on the short list is a Shunyata Delta NR at $625 new from Thecableco (my customer discount price).
There have been many others that I have read about. To many to mention.
Question is, how does one choose? I know AWG size isn’t everything. Geometry matters as well. Would I really notice that much of a benefit from the extra money spent for the Shunyata Delta NRs noise reduction? 
I’m overwhelmed!

I am using a dedicated 20 amp circuit. Components are run through a Shunyata PS8. The PS8 and amplifier are both plugged in to a CruzeFIRST receptrical. 


You say run a "GOOD" outlet strip. Do you not consider the Shunyata PS8 to be a good product?
The cheapest, best bang for the buck you can get is to hire an electrician to install a dedicated power line for your Audio system in your house.

Cables do matter, quite a bit, but it’s a matter of personal preference.

I had personally success with solid silver power cords from Wireworld Platinum line first, then now with Crystal Clear Audio Cables Magnum Opus line at a fraction of the cost of WW.

Sorry for the delay, have been traveling for ~2 weeks.
I simply mean something the guy at your local electrical supply house would call quality - thick copper, tight connectors to grab the prongs, etc. Nothing fancy.
So i looked up what a Shunyata PS8 is. After reading their description, i still don’t know, except that it is $795 and "extraordinarily affordable", which i admit is impressive to be both at once :-)
I expect it is a fine outlet strip. I hope its a lot more, but they didn’t say ont he website....
I meant more like $50 rather than $9.99 made in china at the dollar store.
Anything with a common mode filter, well done, would be useful. I expect the PS8 has one and in fatc likely more or less **is** one in a fancy box.