Overseas Shipping Of Amplifier; Anything Special?

I have someone interested in purchasing my amplifier; this person is from Italy. The amp weighs about 80 pounds.

I have never shipped overseas from the US and I was wondering how payment should be made? And also issues relating to insurance, duties and shipping methods?

Does anyone have experience or advice on best methods to complete a successful transaction like this?

Ive shipped to Italy many times. For anything over 44 pounds Bax is the way to go. You will need to create an invoice for customs, and fill out their overseas shipping form. They will basically walk it thru customs and deliver the package to their office in Rome. As for getting paid there are many options, best being western union money transfer, worse is you take a 4.9 percent hit with paypal and no piece of mind about security. All overseas transactions are considered unverified with no protection from paypal servives. Best of luck
Be sure to build or buy 1/2" or 3/4" crate,rein-forced with 1x1 minimum or 2x4 in the corners,good luck,Bob
Check out https://www.escrow.com/index.asp for payment. In my opinion it's the safest way for seller and payer for overseas transaction. Best of luck. Werner

Not sure you want to take advice from me, as I myself am overseas... But here is how I would do it.
Go to your bank - open up an account for transfer purpose only and let the person in Italy transfer the money to that account. I know giving out an account number is a BIG thing in the US, but in Europe it is a normal thing an nobody can use it for anything.
This will give you a trace route for the seller if something goes wrong, and the buyer will feel safe, as he/she can track you as well.
Its fast (about 3-4 working days if you have one of the bigger banks) just as safe as escrow and paypal and the cost is very low.
If you feel unsure, then I recommend you talk to your bank about how to do it.
Remember the person who will be sending you money, are not getting an account number, but a SWIFT/IBAN (Iban is International banking something..) number, and that can only be used for transfers..

After all way pay for a service you already have..

Best of luck..

It never seems to go that way? Even shipping to Canada post October 04 is pain in the wazzo.

The invoice must be attached to the package and you MUST have 5 copies. Insurance on international shipping is a joke.

I simply refuse to do it anymore via the old method, they pay then I ship. If I have to ship overseas I do it like this.

You pay me, then YOU arrange for FedEx or UPS pick up at my home and YOU provide the invoices. Then when sh_ _ hits the fan it's your problem, I have had enough. It's now the only way I'll ship over the border.

Last time was to Canada, I shipped on Dec. 31, 2004 and it arrived on January 22, 2005. Thank goodness I had a very very paitent buyer.

The good news; it arrived in one piece and fully functional.


I have had many things shipped from the US to Europe. Only had one problem, and that really was not the sellers fault - and I am guessing you ran into the same problem. Namely the x-mas period... Never ever ship overseas during the hollidays. Takes forever..
Wooden crate! Build a wooden crate to fit tight around the factory carton. Save yourself and the buyer the grief and headaches of shipping damage. Been there.......