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Invited to a vertical of 84-87 Caymus Special Select!! - I'm there!! I live in Southern California but I do go up to Northern California frequently and, do make it back back home to New York on occasion (J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!) Glad to meet you on either coast.

I originally purchased a few bottles of the 85 Caymus Special Select when was first released but sold them through Christies about a year ago. I stil have some nice Bordeaux. I could bring - perhaps some Lafite or Margaux. But - my very special wines include several bottles of Penfolds Grange Hermitage. I have them back to 1975. Great Great wine.

I tried to keep my comments about Ronnie non-ideolgical. I was simply pointing out his ability to get a legislative agenda through a hostile Congress, a trait not demonstrated by either Clinton or W. Anyway wy wife is a liberal democrat. We get along great because she will reason logically, fairly and consistantly from a given set of principals and not be a hypocrite. That's all I ask.

Jond - I do get up to Sonoma now and then and may be looking for property upo there in the near furture. I'll try to check out your suggestions.
Can't get the frikkin Dunn wines here in Chicago! At least, not the places I've searched. I've even tried using my last name as an incentive to wine merchants, but to no avail!

Caymus: Cag is underrated. Conundrum is overrated (too much Muscat in it for me, even though I think it's only aboutr 5%). Relatively inexpensive, though.
Contact Dunn directly. If Illinois allows direct shipping I'm sure they'd sell you some. If not them probably many internet merchants would as well. Try Winebid.com, there are often great auction deals on high end wines. Good luck!