If you had to pick, what are some of the brands you think are most overrated or underrated based on what you’ve heard? 
Can be any type of cable
Overrated: Van Den Hul -- dull, muffled, and lifeless
Overrated:  Any IC or SC over $1,000.  Pertains to all I have heard/owned in my system.  An embarrasing number!
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Underrated: JPS Labs Ultraconductor 2

Yep why some call(ed) them 'Van den Dull'.
Though mostly, if not only, applicable to those mixed carbon-fibre ICs.

Had used them once, had 2 happy days.
When I bought them - and when I traded them for something else. 

Very nicely packaged though they were, in some pretty carton as I recall. 👌
Michélle 🇿🇦 
I am going to list some very fine brands because so many rate them as universally most neutral or revealing or aspirational:

  • B&W
  • Pass
  • Magico

Are they fine brands?? Yes. Are they universally suitable for everyone? No. Same goes for my own faves too!  I find them overrated, not because they make less than stellar components, but because their fan boys can't believe anyone wouldn't like their sound.

Dynaudio - Constantly playing with the house curve with different models in production at the same time so really depends. Good for them for making a variety of different sounds.

Dali - They tip the treble up several DB’s and many are mesmerized by how "revealing" they are. Neutral? Hell no, but at low volumes a good listen.

Synergistic Research (vastly, unbelievably underrated)


Miner DunnHuber Bock

Red RobinNew Glarus
Mark Levinson!  
speakers (in general)
Oh, forgot to list underrated:
- Vandersteen - I don’t really care about their 1st order filters and time coherent response, but their bass management and room integration capabilities are simply outstanding.

- Fritz speakers - Actually really highly rated by his customers but under priced. Bespoke speakers with top of the line parts? Outstanding value.

- Monitor Audio - Outstanding value. Custom innovative drivers and some of the best engineering and results in the industry. Consistently neutral and enjoyable tone across the brand. All speakers are good looking and designed for long term listening.

- Parasound’s Z line. Sadly I have heard the DAC has been discontinued.

- Hsu subs. Monsters. Absolute monsters.
Underrated Acoustic Zen speaker cables Robert makes excellent cables also underrated is the Rel 812 sub, found it to be an excellent performer.Enjoy the holidays
OP: ...."Can be any type of cable"
Bose anything

Quad ERA 1

Cables, folks....you know, you came to the cables section of the forums...trailblazers need not apply
Oh Erik - forgot to mention, discussion is cables. Thanks for everything but though
Underrated  ~ Audio Envy 
Overrated ~ Best not to go there! 
Ah yes, reading is fundamental....so they say.

Audio Envy and Audio Art Cables are two current underrated brands for me.
overrated = not going there either
@cd You did mention in the original post this was a discussion restricted to cables. Problem is no one wants to read and they’d rather jump on their soapbox and opine on anything they feel like, regardless of how relevant.

Underrated/High Value Cables - Audio Envy
Overrated/Low Value Cables - Synergistic Research

Just go to usedcable.com to see how many more SR cables are listed than any other brand.  Looking at IC's today they have 19 from SR, 1 from Wireworld, and 6 from Cardas.  And no, SR's production isn't 10 times greater than WW or Cardas...people are always unloading them because they want something better in terms of sonics and value.  
Yes agreed why so many respond without reading what the op asked seems to happen every thread, he was asking regarding ic and cable.
Underrated Canare 4S11
Overrated any mega buck cables.
Oh Erik - forgot to mention, discussion is cables. Thanks for everything but though

Woah, sorry, missed the very last sentence in your OP.

Under rated ICs:

The DH Labs pure silver / single strand balanced and shielded from Parts Connexion with KLH or silver Neutrik XLRs.

Brittle, but once you've had a pair it gets really hard to spend money on more.

Over rated speaker cables: 

Wireworld and Analysis Plus.  First is pretty dark, but improves imaging.  Latter does little.
Overrated big guns, underrated small companies and snobbed ones.
Some of my list, ML, Wilson, B&W, Focal, Clearaudio....overrated
PMC, Bryston, Lavardin, Leben....underrated.
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+1 on grannyring DYI recipe
Silnote Audio ICs and digital cables
Audio Art Cables power cords
Underrated: Silnote Audio
Belden 9497...underrated except by the late Ken Shindo and a few others. 
Drat I thought this read 'bands' not 'brands.' Was about to add red hot chili peps as most overrated. Maybe I'll start that thread separately ;)

Typical responses by a guy that promotes his cheap stuff and puts down quality equipment. Plus he gets paid for every time he mentions his speaker brand that he gushes over the top everywhere he can. Plus he needs to respond twice so he gets his digs in on quality equipment. Too bad he can’t read what the OP wanted.
Underrated:  The tremendous value available from the Wireworld line.  Check the quality of cable constructs considering their price versus other brands. 

Overrated:  Kimber.  Even their Select line of cables don't have the continuity of sound they should have for the asking price.

Overrated big guns, underrated small companies and snobbed ones.
Some of my list, ML, Wilson, B&W, Focal, Clearaudio....overrated
PMC, Bryston, Lavardin, Leben....underrated.
Please... Cables! Cables!!! 

Virtually all cables have been becoming overrated/obsolete since the appearance of Bluetooth and similar technologies.
I've been looming up both my rigs lately with Blue Jeans, ergo Canare 4S11 speaker cables and Belden ICs. BJ applies their magic sauce terminations.

I'd say underrated simply as their prices are nutso low. 
I love my Schmitt Custom speaker cables.  Very nice Mom & Pop shop. Great customer service.
@ricmci I bought my Schmidt from him in person in MN several years ago. Nice guy. I own & use several of his ICs. Met him a few times. 
Underrated - Audio Musikraft DL-103 cartridge. I think folks are thinking it's just another modded Denon DL 103, but to me its a great value. No need to wait in line for a retip that could take up to a year..., just buy a 103 DL or R, whatever your preference.  

Overrated - cartridges in general that cost over $2k.
Oh- it's about cables.  Damn that Sake is going down too smooth!
Overrated: -B&W
-S. Faber.
Underrated - Reading comprehension

Overrated - a lot of people's perceptions of their reading comprehension
You mentioned the parasound zdac.  Was that good ?
overrated - kimber, krell, wilson, ps audio, mcintosh

underrated - ayre, hegel, mhdt, van alstine, buchardt

my humble opinion only... no offense intended to lovers of any of the brands above
Underrated: most SR products, critical mass systems footers
Mods can you please change the thread title to end with ‘cables’.

I’m realizing many are probably getting the daily email notification and not realizing which sub forum this is in.
Probably overrated:
Any speaker cable priced at more than about $2/foot, unterminated.
Add about $30 per terminated cable (for one pair of locking bananas at each end.)  These, roughly, are Blue Jeans Cable prices for Canare 4S11.

Underrated: Knowing you’re posting in a cable thread

Overratred: Posting whatever in a cable thread

Making a list asap.
Overrated: the audiophile creed that everything matters.
Underrated: the idea that correct AWG copper wire is overkill for the job it is tasked to do in a sound system.

But that's from outside audiophilia looking in. Since I have an audiophile brain, I believe (or have nervosa) that eveything matters, and I obsess looking for the ever-moving weakest (or less magical) link in the path.  It's kinda like being Catholic or a biker-- some things come with the passion, and those outside it do not understand the sacraments or the bliss. But self-awareness should inform the audiophile brain that it's easily manipulated by marketing evangelists.

Oddly, streaming has dampened my equipment obsession. The system seems good enough as is as my interest turns to exploring the musical horizons and things  "out there" like Qobuz or RP sound amazingly good on their own...but I'm beginning to compulse over some digital-to-digital converters.
Underestimated- Quantum effects

Overextended - Zip Cord 
Under rated:
Salk Audio

Over Rated:
Focal Aria Series (Where's the bass)
Martin Logan
B &W 804's
Underrated ...
Everything I own

Overrated ...
Everything I cannot afford (but secretly lust after)
Some funny stuff here.

My over/unders-


Red Hot Chili Peppers

CD451-the odds of you getting any meaningful help on that type of question in this format are not too high. I had fun though.