Overlooked Follow-Ups

Gene Bartow won 52 of the 60 games he coached at UCLA, but had the misfortune of following John Wooden. Bartow was no John Wooden, but 52 of 60 is pretty impressive. I mention this because I just finished listening to Jennifer Warnes "The Hunter", her follow up to "Famous Blue Raincoat". The songs don't measure up to "FBR", but there's some very good music, her voice is great, and IMHO the recording quality is tremendous. It seams like the record suffered from being in the shadow of its predecessor. Any others overlooked for similar reasons
I agree. The Hunter is an excellent album . . . I think the sonds are nearly as good as FBR, and the recording is better. "The Well" is also in that class.

. . . but did any of these achieve any measure of commercial success? I just though they were Audiophile fav's.
I can't really comment on The Hunter as I only have it on CD.Therefore I can only hear it in my car.As far as following a hit so massive it can't be followed Los Lobos "La Bamba" gave way to "La Pistola Y La Corazon" the spanish language record they always wanted to do,yet probably would have been a momentum breaker in the regular scheme of things.A wonderful strategy.It mirrors what The Band did following the incredible ride of "Stagefright",huge sales and FM play,Cover of Time magazine, with "Moondog Matinee" an album of oldies to honor their roots with Ronnie Hawkins.Deliberately stepping back so as not to face inevitable critical backlash.Moondog remains to me a brilliant strategy and a wonderful gem of an LP.With the added bonus that you can almost always find it at a low price.

IMO: FBR, The Hunter and The Well are superb releases. I've always thought of FBR and The Hunter separately and unrelated for some reason. Maybe because FBR has a theme and The Hunter is a collection of songs written by various artists.

On a related note; I've been waiting for the release of the Gold re-mastered CDs from Cisco for a while now. I know Cisco has had some major problems but hopefully these will see the light of day soon.
IMO, some of the best overlooked gems:

Aretha Franklin: Young, Black and Gifted
Badly Drawn Boy: About a Boy
Beastie Boys: Check Your Head
Chris Isakk: Baja Sessions
Elvis Costello: Get Happy!
Fugazi: 13 Songs
Iggy Pop: Raw Power
The Jam: All Mods Con
James Brown: Hell
Jimi Hendrix: First Rays of the New Rising Sun
Los Lobos: The Neighborhood
Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
Neil Young: On the Beach
Bruce Springsteen: Nebraska
U2: Unforgettable Fire
Prince: Sign of the Times