Overload indicator comes on when playing vinyl

I’ve been having a problem with playing vinyl through my surround sound proc. The “Overload” indicator keeps coming on at loud parts of the music. If I have the TV on there is a bunch of distorted lines through the picture while the “Overload” is on. It keeps flashing on and off as the music gets louder and quieter. I like to listen to music as I watch sports.

My system:
Ortofon 2m cart. And Denon 103r cart. (It does it on both)
Parasound Zphono
Parasound 2500u surround sound proc

I also have tried the Bellari phono pre., and it does not do it as much, but I think the Zphono sounds better.

Is there some way to set the input sensitivity on the processor to compensate? Is the “Overload” doing any damage to the processor?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Sounds like you're getting acoustic feedback through the turntable. Solutions are:
1. move the TT away from the speaker
2. put the TT on a stand or surface that has better isolation
3. if you have the TT cover down, try leaving it UP
4. if all else fails try, just experimentally, moving the TT into another room to see if the problem goes away.

Best of luck,

It may be input sensitivity. See if in your setup you can adjust it. I have a Meridian G68 and you can set it.
Most time it is used so you can match volumes between differant devices.
You may have a sub-sonic frequency peak caused by a cartridge/arm mis-match or set up. This is not heard but you will see the woofer cones pumping and sucking up a lot of watts, perhaps going into clipping which you might well hear in the higher frequency, i.e. distortion.

Assuming your woofers have grill covers, take them off and watch the woofer cone movement when your amp is showing overload.