Overkill Audio

Dear All,

did anybody know if this company still exist?

The webside is offline.

best regards

They made interesting if costly loudspeakers. I think we will see many audio company's go south this and next year. Many of my friends are manufacturers all are having trouble. Many grew large now have much to pay for and less orders.
Yup, they r around.... Go to 6moons.com and check out the letters section... You'll find info on their new contact details and products that I believe now includes a new line of electronics....
I am sad to hear this news, Johnk. My preamp, amps and loudspeakers - all except my source components - are from small businesses whose owners I know and have spoken with time and again. Let's hope circumstances improve such that these good guys of the the audio business will make it out of the troubles they're expreiencing.