overheating sub

Hi all
New to this forum and my problem is that when my sub gets disconnected from power the amp starts getting very hot so I have to unplug it then plug it back in again then it is ok.
I have a Onkio amp and jamo active amp connected via RCA if anyone could help me that would be great as I have to unplug it incase I get a power cut in the night and I think if it was over heating long enough it could catch fire.
Thanks in advance Mrmullad

Onkio 525 Jamo 220
Have you just recently set this system up, or is this a recent issue?
I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are saying. Are you saying that you have a Jamo powered sub, and when you turn off the power switch on the sub the amplifier that is contained within the sub overheats, until you unplug the sub from the AC and then plug it back in? If so, and if the same thing happens when the sub is disconnected from the Onkyo, the sub would apparently need to be professionally repaired.

Or are you saying something else?

Also, I couldn't find any info on a Jamo 220. Are you sure that is the right model number?

-- Al