Over seas releases

If i aminterested in an album that was only released in another country and I have the label and catalog number, how can i go about aquiring a copy of that release? I have never tried this and am very interested in the prospect. If there isnt a way maybe some one with more time and money than me could start a business based on this concept. Thanks!
You could try The UK, French or German branch of Amazon, if its Europe. Don't know about Japan and the rest of Asia or Africa. Cheers,
Contact by eMail or Telephone this store in Philadelphia. They have contacts in Europe and may be able to order it for you. They may even have it in stock. The link is:


PS: I have gotten a number of imports from CDChoice.com in the past before they were on-line. Some took a month or more because they had to order it from Europe, but some they actually had in stock, and they sent it to me the same day I called.
buy it direct from the record label wherever they are...works for ECM's and you get em months before usa release!
you might try GEMM.com. they have a huge data base, tho many item descriptions leave a lot to desire. i assume, BTW, that your use of the word "album" refers to lp's rather than cd's, right? -kelly
If you are looking for vinyl LPs still contact CDChoice. They use to sell import LPs the last time I was in there store.
If it is a CD of Classical, Jazz or World and it was released in Europe, http://www.crotchet.co.uk will almost certainly have it. I regularly order on line from them. Since they knock off the VAT tax the prices are usually less than for imports in US shops and for classical box sets that are US releases, they are often less than Amazon or Tower. I've ordered from Amazon Germany but their prices, especially for shipping are more than Crochets.