over packing items---overkill?

I know I know---stop complaining.
Just so you know, I am 110% happy with this particular on-line retailer---

I just received (4 packs)200 Mofi inner plastic sleaves via UPS today. It was packed better than some tube amps I have been sent from other sellers----it was packed so well, I had to laugh and ask myself is this really nessesary? We are talking an item which in no way could sustain shipping damage.

It was double boxed, further protected between cardboard inserts in both boxes AND both boxes had shipping styrofoam peanuts. ---I will re-use the shipping material, but I'd imagine others may not-----making the packing job a bit, well a lot of Eco-unfriendly.
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what were they afraid of ...breakage?
What some people will not bring up as a forum topic.

I know what you are talking about. I once bought metal cones from Audiogon fellow. The packing was incredible.
I think, some people just do their best packing job almost regardless of what they are sending. That's good. I tend to do the same, but not to such extreme.
Sometimes it may be what is at hand?
If folks reuse packaging, then it may have been the box they just happened to pick up. Especially if the company is using younger adults to do the packing.
(less concern of a waste of packing materials)
I have an example of this from when I purchased a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe from Goodwin's High-End. They used a wooden box with heavy padding on the inside. This box/crate was used for a more expensive amp but rather than have to look for another box and padding and throw out the wooden box they put the DNA-1 Deluxe in there and sent it to me. The wooden box had metal handles on each side for 2 people to carry the original amp. I was shocked when I got the DNA-1 Deluxe and saw all the packaging.

Now whenever I package stuff I sell here I try to go the extra mile because one can't be too careful with couriers. Also I've heard the horror stories of buyers shafting sellers on transactions due to packaging.
I had a Rogue amp that was obviously dropped during shipment and the cover was dented and sheared off all the top screws in the process.

as far as I am concerned, overpack away!!!
And if it wasn't packed well and another item or sharp object punctured the package in transit and ruined the first five or so sleeves then what would you post.
I know I know---stop complaining.

Please follow your own advice !!!!!!
No such thing as over packing.
Did you hear about the UPS Olympics? Yes, a new reality TV program where the men and women in brown will compete to destroy many hi end audio packages. Winner will get to spend two weeks in a UPS claims office. So, remind your UPS person who deliver to you, that entry is now going on.
They just used the same standard packaging as they use for any of their other products.
No such thing. I would rather have it packed so well that nothing could hurt it than poorly and have to file a claim.
Some companies sub contract the packaging to third parties and will define the packaging requirements. You do not want third party packagers to make judgment calls; therefore, they will pack a non-breakable items the same as if they were shipping a Faberge egg.
agree with muzicat