Over 55? - You Gotta See This

My sister in law sent me this link in a e-mail


Very, very funny

I hope this does not offend anyone - If it does - You wont remember it anyway!
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I could have sworn I saw this before. Can't remember where or when, though.
Thank you, for what, I can't really say.......

All the best,
Thanks for the laugh and yes...I'm over 55.
I'm over 55. What the hell's a "youtube"?
Over 55? I am law abiding and haven't been over 55 since they made it the National Speed Limit. I recon that has been 3 or 4 years now. I sure would like to have heard what that handsome young man was singing about but my hearing aid battery is dead and it keeps slipping my mind to get more. I went to the store yesterday but somehow I ended up with toothpaste instead.
When did I post this?
Stan - was it tooth paste or Polident?
Did anyone see where I put my glasses?
Thanks for the laugh, but it's all to true. Don't no how many times I've opened the fridge door and couldn't remember why i was there, oh well I just grab a beer and say F*** it.
And I though is was all the ........ oh ya pot I had smoked.
Thanks for the laugh, it harder thanking folks for the memories as I get older I often forget.
I actually had been having more trouble remembering lately. Yesterday I found out a possible cause; I have a 3 cm tumor pressing on my brain from the outside; fortunately it appears to be very amenable to removal. I thereby falsify to contention that my head is empty; unfortunately the operation will confirm the contention that I have a hole in the head.
It won't happen to me, knock on the wood. Oh, somebody is knocking at the door, I have to go....
Would be better without the mic. I can hear a lot of reverb and distortion. But then again, I'm under 55 :-)
Cdc,, sorry to hear that. For me life really began at 50 or so, I think.