Oval 9 Sp. Cables Making Arcam 10 int. clip?

I just purchased a pair of AP Oval 9's (12') with T1Spades. I hooked these large cables up to my Arcam 10 Intergrated which is a 100 W/channel amp. I am only using one pair of speaker cables. My single pair of Paradigm 100's are rated at 8 ohms.

After 20 minutes of playing at medium volume, the amp appears to be clipping. No distortion ever heard -- just a loud pop every once in awhile and sometimes it cuts out the sound completely for 2 or 3 seconds. What is happening here?

Simply putting large cables on one set of speakers shouldn't increase current being supplied by the amp. The resistance is set by the speaker, not the cable, isn't it?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Something is SEVERELY wrong. You can't get those cables out of your system fast enough...

Before removing them, turn off your amp and do the obvious things. Make sure that all connections are clean, tight, no shorts, etc... If everything checks out okay, take them completely out of the circuit and measure them with a multimeter ( if you have one and know how ). You should show "infinity" when going from + to - on one end so long as the cables are not touching on the other end. The next step is to make sure that the cables ARE touching at the other end as solidly as possible and measure again between the + & -. This should show a dead short or extremely low resistance.

If both cables pass these simple tests and there were no obvious defects or poor connections, these cables are simply "incompatible" with your amp / speaker combo. I do not suggest "pushing it" to see how or why this is happening. Try contacting the place of purchase and see what they can do for you. Sean
This sounds like the cables might have been touching each other to me. Good luck.
I'm with bmpnyc . I think the positive spade is making contact with the chassis of your amp or the other spade. There is no reason why these cables won't work with arcam and paradigm. I suggest you hook up some cheap cables and make sure the same thing doesn't happen.
I agree with Bmpnyc and Hammy. BTW, what you are decribing is NOT clipping which would be very audible distortion, but sounds like the protection circuitry on the amp is activating.