Outstanding Service from Logitech

We naturally warn others in our community when a company fails to deal fairly with customers, so I thought I'd mention my very positive experience with Logitech.

After pleasantly using a Squeezebox Touch since August of 2011 with no gliches at all, my Touch suddenly went all ape-s--t on me. It was out of warranty, and I figured, as is the case with most computer-related manufacturers, that customer service would be unhelpful, if it was available at all. So I started hunting around on line for solutions. Being a low-tech guy, I found nothing I could understand that addressed my Touch's issues.

I was checking the manual, when I noticed a telephone number for service. I was not optimistic that it would be useful, but I called anyway. What a surprise! I got a U.S.-based tech, fluent in English, without sitting on hold for even a minute, who patiently worked with me for almost an hour. He seemed to know what he was doing, and I think he might have been able to access my Touch over the net. After trying a few things to get it working, he said my SBT had failed, and they would send me a new one, even though it was out of warranty! Plus, I was emailed a prepaid shipping label for my failed unit.

The new unit arrived, complete, new, sealed, and is now set up and running perfectly in my system. Of course, it was upsetting to have the SBT fail in the first place, but with customer service from Logitech like this, I am not concerned about future issues.

Kudos to Logitech!
I called them about three years ago with a problem and they handled it like clockwork. They were very paitient and spent a lot of time with me on the phone until we got the issue resolved. I'd buy from them again in a heartbeat.
ditto...i've spent more time with their service people than my kids and they've always been unfailingly patient and helpful
I had outstanding phone support, too, years ago when I was first setting up my SB Duet. Unlike the phone company, whose tech support tried to be helpful but seemed to know nothing about how to set up the hardware they provide, Logitech support is very knowledgeable. Recently replaced it with a Touch, which couldn't have been easier. Listening to Arthur Blythe, Lennox Avenue Breakdown right now. Superb.
Sounds like Logitech is to audio what Keurig is to coffee makers. I only wish a lot more companies would model their customer service after these two. They would have loyal customers forever.

All the best,
I know nothing about Keurig coffee makers and the their customer service. If they are anything like the Logitech support people my next coffee maker will be a Keurig.
The Canadians that service the Logitech devices are awesome!
Nice to hear!
I have always had outstanding service from Logitech. 2 Squeezebox touch and 1 Duet.
I agree. We have a couple of Harmony Ones, and Logitech's service has always been great. Oppo is another on the list of great service providers.