Outstanding Recordings Of Redbook CD's

Hello All,

Where can I find a list of redbook CD's that have been recorded in an outstanding manner? Thanks much.

Of course there is the "Albums to Die For" list. That's easy enough. Another approach is to follow mastering. My ears tell me the best in the field is Bernie Grundman. I just like his sound when he is handed an excellent master to work with. I've literally picked off some of his recordings without knowing, before looking at the credits. He was with A&M for 15 years, so much of his work is found on their recordings before opening his own studio.

Credited with 2432 albums he is a busy man.


Examples: Melody Gardot My One and Only Thrill
Madeleine Peyroux Bare Bones
Tuck and Patti I Remember You
Luciana Souza New Bossa Nove
Jack Johnson & Friends
Go to Amazon and search JVC xrcd. Most of these will be pretty good recordings.
look at m+a recordings. there is a description of how and where each was recorded
One to check out, Bruce Cockburn's "The Charity of Night" CD. I find it a totally satisfying Redbook CD. I use it to evaluate any CD player I check out or buy via used/vintage gear I pick up and used it to evaluate the CD playback of my Oppo BDP-83.