Outstanding examples of Musicianship

All this negativity towards Amy Winehouse got me thinking that there must be a better way to show how we all worship music and musicians.

This thread is for everyone to show their own favorite examples of absolutely superlative musicianship. Find your best youtube example of your hero musician playing an instrument like nobody else can. I am looking for some of the most exceptional examples on the planet - any genre.

Here is an example

Magic Dick playing the Lickin' Stick
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I do not worship music or musicians nor are musicians my heroes. I may be wrong but, I'm pretty sure the majority of folks here feel like I do.
negativity towards Amy Winehouse, not much from here. My only thoughts towards her and her so called problems which were few and non.Were her problems worse than a child lying in a cancer hospital,or some innocent swatting flies with swollen stomach from a lack of proper nutrition,living in a hut. We all know the the answer to that? She like many just manifest their problems to a greater degree and then look for answer from a pill bottle that can only shorten life.
Few great musicians are on youbube.
I worship music and here is one of my gods:

Tony Williams

If you love music YouTube is an amazing resource.
Shadorne, good idea for a thread; I do worship music.
07-27-11: Schubert
Few great musicians are on youbube.
I disagree. You just have to know who they are and search. Please click on the link below.

Horace Silver

Also, thanks for that Onhwy61.
I am looking for some of the most exceptional examples on the planet - any genre.
Arturo Toscanini. Here is his 1940 recording of Brahms 1st, with the NBC Symphony Orchestra. IME and IMO the greatest performance ever of one of the greatest symphonies.

Best regards,
-- Al
07-27-11: Schubert
Few great musicians are on youbube.

If one can't spell or read and has no clue about music,
then yes youtube is a complete waste of time.

John Coltrane on "A Love Supreme" and Van Morrison's vocals on "Astral Weeks" are more spiritual for me than any church service I've ever attended.
You Tube up "Wes Montgomery" and pick one. Jazz guitar legend. I hate jazz and I can watch this guy for hours. smooth and flawless.
Any Martha Argerich performance of any Rachmaninoff piano concerto. She is the definition of virtuoso IMO.

After that Amy Winehouse fiasco, I will no longer actively post on the Gon; however, I would like to compliment Foster_9 on his excellent post.

While my collection runs over with Horace Silver, and Senior Blues isn't new; that live you tube version was new to me. Those cats were in the "zone", that performance was hypnotic. It sounds like what's on CD's and records until somewhere in the middle when they get into the "Zone". You could see it in their eye's; this world no longer existed.

Although I've got a ton of Silver, I can see I don't have enough.
Find this entire concert on google video:
Yngwie Malmsteen - Concerto Suite in Eb minor
Orpheus10, I invite you to continue posting despite the risk of threads getting nasty and totally inappropriate.
Its hard not to see some real talent when you watch Warren Haynes of Govt Mule play guitar with Mule, solo and countless guest sets.

Inna, my musically simpatico friend; I do believe I heard shades of John Mclaughlin.

Ignoring a disease will not make it go away.
No, it won't.
Malmsteen is an incredibly talented musician with a great sense of classical and rock music but also of improvisation. He himself said that this performance with Japan Orchestra was his crowning achievement. His technique is simply astonishing and his open, expressive and yet modest style is delightful. So powerful and emotional but delicate too.
He himself composed this concerto and someone else wrote the score.
I too heard some echo of McLaughlin though they are very different. But you know, I think any good contemporary electric guitarist was influenced by John to a degree; it is hard not to be.
Orpheus: what risk. who cares if someone acts the fool. dont let that mess with your end. Remember the internet is designed to allow those with large mouths to pop off now that the threat of a shot in the mouth is gone.

now related, there is a nice vid of Paul Gilbert playing a classical piece on the electric guitar down in Australia. Nice to see folks trying something different. Personally I think Bethoveens 6th is the finest piece of music ever written. Have a good group playing it and I'm happy. I think that sometimes the music is more important than the players. 2nd place for me is Stevie Ray Vaughn covering Jimi's "Little Wing".
Orpheus my compatriot in jazz, in the words of James Brown, "don't you dare, go nowhere."
Paul Gilbert has some fast fingers. Stevie Ray Vaughn left us much too soon. He reminded me of Albert King on guitar; an artist I saw many times.

This you tube looks like a place I frequented in Atlanta, called "The Candy Store". Maybe someone else could verify that. When you're "boogyin" on flashing lights, they made you look like a "high stepper"; even when you couldn't dance (I loved floors with flashing lights). "Those were the days my friend, I thought they would never end"

"A Fifth of Beethoven" was my favorite jam at that time.

Shadorne - thx for stirring up an old memory. J. Geils 2nd billing to Edgar Winter's White Trash at the Rockpile (a greasy whse-turned-music hall where I caught so many great acts!). Peter Wolf yelling out "Mr. Magic Dick on the lickin' stick, whammajamma, let me hear ya Dickie!!!", and off we went! Great, great times.

BTW, if you dig Magic Dick you owe it to yrself to check out Kim Wilson (frontman for the Fabulous Thunderbirds). Most folks know him from that gig and don't realize he's one of the greatest harp players ever! I own 5 of his records, I'd strongly recommend 'Tigerman'. The dude cand definitely lick a stick!;)
Willy Porter doing Angry Words Seems like an appropriate song after the Amy Winehouse thread...

These Youtube videos are ever so incredible. We get to share musical experiences like never before. If you told me you were a fan of an artist I never even heard of, I wouldn't have a clue as to what that artist sounded like; now, thanks to "youtube", I can see and hear your favorite artist.

"A picture is worth a thousand words". The best recordings on an audiophile's rig, is worth a thousand pictures; "music", is one of our main sources of pleasure.

Foster_9 and Inna, you guys are like old friends; I would miss you if I quit posting. Paulsax, you have made me aware of something very important; we can not allow others to stand in the way of what is very important to us as "audiophiles"; and that is, the camaraderie of other audiophiles.

Some people feel there is some special qualification to being an "audiophile". If you are posting on this site and feel like you are an audiophile, then you are an "audiophile"

Youtube, has given us a most incredible opportunity; let us take full advantage of it. Inna, Foster_9, and Paulsax; with your help, and Shadorne's blessing, I would like to keep this thread going as long as possible. We can share the best music in our collections with other Goners.

My first selection is realy wierd, it's like nothing you've ever heard before. Everyone has heard the last one.


he is on fire.
How about something very different?
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I always find that Andy McPhee's harpguitar videos on Youtube are entrancing. (There are several, just do a you tube search.) He brings great rythmic ability to a very quirky (and visually quite beautiful) instrument. I find these performances so much more arresting to watch and hear than to (solely) listen to.
Martyk1, I have seen Andy Mckee at a very small local venue in Minneapolis and he is extremely talented. His name is spelled Mckee for those trying to look him up.


Sorry about the brainfreeze on Andy's name...where did THAT come from?

I frequently spend time in Minneapolis (in-laws) and would love to catch his show. I was wondering if Andy lives there and/or plays there frequently.


BTW, if you like music from >6 stringed instruments, I find that Youtube is a great place to go.
Thanks Orpheus. A favorite of mine (you tube) is "Danny Gatton at Gallaghers".
Smokin Koto Band

Andy McKee is new to me. He's got his own voice which is quite original. I find his music relaxing and peaceful, the kind you could listen to for hours. I like him.

From the serene to the downright "funky". This sinner can smell the whisky beer and wine; "Take me back in the alley and let me roll with the rest of the tin cans". those are the words that came to mind when I heard Danny Gatton's "Harlem Nocturne". I've been hearing that tune all my life, but never quite like that.

While this music pertains to a religious subject, I'm not approaching it from that point of view. They scoured the land in that part of the world to re-create the music you would have heard at that time.

Audiophile's speak of how boss their rigs are; when it was always live at that time, "Betcha can't top that".


Gatton's version of Harlem Nocturne is my single favorite cover song ever. Talk about re-inventing a classic!


Dekay, there are no words in the dictionary that can describe what I heard and saw. Surreal is about as close as I can come.
Thanks to you and youtube, this has been one fantastic day for me. New music is what I feed on and you have been quite generous.
Yes, even though I can't stand the original group and/or song I enjoy this version quite a bit.

I have an LP of a Koto band performing The Nutcracker Suite, that in the same vein is as good as it is odd.

There's a Basque musician I was going to post/put up, but I figured I'd give everyone a break from accordion type music, this one time only.
Tony Scott - Music for Zen Meditation is a very good stuff. He plays with Japanese musicians. Available on vinyl or cd.
how to groove

Inna, I like to listen to music like this nonstop. It takes me awhile to get into it, and after I get to that other place; I want to stay there for awhile.

This reminds me of a record that's no longer available, "Koto and Flute" was the title. I had an automatic turntable I could put on repeat, and each replay was like spiraling ever deeper into the music. If I can find some of this music with long cuts I'll buy it.

Shadorne, first I want to thank you for coming up with such a fantastic idea for a thread. This is about what we're about; "music", in all it's genre's. Next I want to comment on your post.

When I first saw it, I was trying to figure out why was James Brown in the back of my mind saying "Ain't it funky now". Not until the next day was that question answered.

I'm being introduced to so much new music, that I hope this thread goes on and on.

You know that I always love Maceo, but that clip is off the charts (so to speak).


"Flight Over Rio": this music is accompanied by the most beautiful pictures of Rio I have ever seen. When you combine "killer gittar", and spectacular beauty; you've got a combination that can take you to another place. Enjoy, Al Di Meola.


CORRECTION: While my first post contains the right music, it does not have the url with the photographs, this one does.

Hey I am glad some people enjoyed that. I have been enjoying your vids too - all of them!

Here is Fred Wesley Chameleon

and this JB's version by Fred, Maceo and Pee Wee Ellis is Da Bomb!

The JB's version is played in the New Orleans Style and it is just great a great horn sound - it is available ONLY on the Soundtrack CD of My Name is Maceo (filmed in Hamburg) - it is NOT on the DVD (which is great too) - the "Rebirth Brass Band" provides the Sousaphone and horns!

Anyway ....enough from me! I can't wait to see more of other people's favorites.
Seeing is believing: