Outstanding Drum Performances

Looking for some redbook CD's that feature some dynamic drum riffs...looking to stay in the rock genre but it there is a killer recording out there that is outside of the Rock arena please let me know.


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Spectrum by Billy Cobham is really satisfying. It showcases the talent of the late Tommy Bolin on guitar too.
Also a couple of albums where the drums are mixed up front and also feature some good drumming are Landing on Water by Neil Young and Ghost in the Machine by The Police.
Don't forget the incense too.
I'm suprised no one listed Dafos or The Rythem Devils. If you want something to showcase your system Dafos is one that will do it. I've seen more than one set of woofers go when The Beast comes in at high volume. It's not Rocknroll but Mickey Hart,Airto and others take you on a pretty nice ride playing percussion instruments of various designs. Hart spent big money having percussion instruments replicated from different time periods to play on this recording. Some of them now are in the Smithsonian. The Rythem Devils were Hart and friends left alone in a darkened studio with various percussion instruments and were told to come up with music for the movie Apocalaspe Now. It was suppossed to be used for the scenes when Sheen was going up the river in search of Brando. Both of these are Wilson Recordings and Dafos is on CD but I don't know about The Rythem Devils.