Outstanding Customer Service From SVS!

In January of 2014 I bought a pair of SB-1000 subwoofers, and they've worked flawlessly for six years running, averaging two hours a day of service.  Yesterday morning I noticed that one sub wasn't working, so I ran a few tests, then contacted SVS--this is on a Saturday. This morning I get an e-mail from SVS customer service, with instructions on a further test. I complete that one, which confirms that it's a problem in the amplifier, not the driver.

Though I'm nearly two years out of an already generous five year warranty, SVS is sending me a replacement amp. All I have to pay is $30 shipping. As I told SVS this morning, that's customer service like I've never encountered.
Same situation happened to me a few years back.  Pulled out the bad amp, shipped it to SVS, and they shipped a new one back to me.  Maybe an 8 day turnaround.  I was the second owner also.

Follow up. Got the new amp, installed it in woofer cabinet as per instructions, shipped old amp back in box. Subwoofer good as new. W/o question, quickest and best customer service dept. I've encountered.
Nice! I just bought a SB-2000 a few weeks back. Just for kicks. Discontinued model but full warranty etc. Call me 'sub-curious.'