Outstanding brands?

Just learned that zanden when set up correctly is simply one fine system.
What other brands could be considered to be in the same league.
My idea of a fine system is one that I get lost in the music and feel as thought the instruments are there positioned in front of me like in the concert hall. With the bass sounding realistic, and the air surrounding the instruments. Playing symphonic music is one good way to challenge the system, but I also listen to jazz, rock, brazilian, big band among others. As my system has gone through changes the sound has improved and each genre proves to be exciting.
Experienced a-goners know as we get closer to a realistic sounding system our ears get better we hear deeper into the soundstage and realize it is still a recording, but there are times for some reason or other there are moments that what we hear sounds damn real. The recording plays a big role no pun intended, just picked up some mercury's and london's, and it is an eye er ear opener to say the least.
In the end it is all about the music, the equipment is just a means. I still appreciate my car system and work place radio, but in those cases I am filling in the missing nuances and details.
I second Aesthetix. Had the calypso, no I have the sig version for the price in my system it can't be beat.
Vandersteen for teh price is another one. Great accurate sound, not to say it's for everyone just a outstanding brand.
Can you share the improvements for the calypso upgrade to sig. I believe the calypso was one of the best purchases I made.
If you want to get close to the music , consider Ayre , and it's no where close to the price of Zanden.
If you equate great sound with emotion and passion, then Burmester is for you.