Outside Speaker Help

30' X 30' pool area, mostly spend time around the bar in the shade. Amp would be the Moon i5.3(85 watts)which is would be kept inside but designated for that area only. Looking for some input on quality weatherproof speakers, please.
Are you wanting sound for the bar only, or do you need to cover the entire 30' X 30' area?
Check out the Sonance SonArray.
Thanx for the reply. Like to concentrate around the bar patio area, would imagine volume take care of the rest?
Thanx Bnut, interesting speakers, just a lil overkill for what I'm trying to do. Thinking two, keep the maintenance down. Fixing to crawl thru the attic and drop the speaker wire thru the plenum for the speakers. Hopefully find something decent soon. Gets wet out there and the elements are harsh during the summer especially.
Forget the plenum, crawled across silly attic, fought off spiders half my size, encountered a rodent appeared to be half rat/half frog, only to find it'll take two people to do this thing. Project has been axed for the time being. Thanx for the replies guys.