Output voltage for Wadia 861SE

I have the cover off, am looking at the dipswitch array. To open a switch, do I depress it toward the open side, or away? The current configuration doesn't look like any of the possibilities I was provided with-unless I assume that open is away from the side that says open. I want max output of 4.4 VRMS, which calls for all switches open--I think. And forgive me for even asking--this is an old topic/question. Thanks for any help.
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Yes to open a switch depress it towards the open side.

Here's a link with the switch settings:
As Steve said, depress it towards the 'Open' side.

You can always check it by setting all four switches to the 'Closed' side, and then all four towards the 'Open' side.

You'll notice the difference right away in the 24 dB change.