Output tubes for the PrimaLuna 2

Here is my dilemma.I was happy with the performance of the "stock" KT-88s in the PL2(Chinese Genelex re-issue-I believe).Somewhat darker and subtractive of fine detail-in absolute terms.I had the opportunity to hear the Svetlana "winged c"s.These brought about a more lively and detailed midrange/midbass,but they were "forward" in the upper frequencies and this was unacceptable during long-term listening.
So my question comes down to this.Can anyone give me some insight into the harmonic balance of the following KT-88 versions:
Genelex Gold Lion re-issue (Russia)
Genelex /GEC labeled
Shanguang KT-88/98
Any others to consider ??
Can anyone differentiate Gold Lion/Gold Monarch and the GEC versions.I see some were made by Mullard as opposed to Genelex.
I realize that the 1950/60s Genelex are very expensive,but over the long-haul would they be the choice.
Looking for a more detailed mid/bass,without adding any forwardness/brightness on top(smooth/slightly sweet).
Thanks in advance to anyone willing to share their experiences.
I suggest you contact tubeman. He is very knowledgeable. Find him on the web
For deep bass, linearity and clarity consider the SED 6550's. In my PL3/5 combo I preferred them over SED KT88's (I agree with your description). Also, don't forget to fiddle with the small tubes - A small tube with a bright balance won't help you with the SED KT88's nor the 6550's for that matter. FWIW.
Contact Kevin at Upscale where they are sold. That's one of the perks of buying PL in the first place.
Than you for the responses so far.
Newbee:I have rolled the AX/AU combo with the Shuguang triple mica 12ax7 and Radio Clef cryo'd 12au7s.A very big improvement as the stock tubes (ax/au) lent the unit a very clinical/lean character.I wish to stay with the ** instead 0f the 6550.The 6550 would provide more heft and body in the midbass/bass,but not have the sweetness and delicacy up-top.
Eddaytona:Kevin/Upscale offers the Chinese Genelex and the SFD.If the "desired" Genelex run too deep into my pocket,the "chinese" are preferrable to the Russian in my book.
Maybe I should have labeled my question differently,as I have not gotten a reply from anyone using "original" Genelex Gold Lion (US distributed) or Gold Monarch( European distributed) KT-88s.