Output tube radiation exposure - thoughts?

Anyone out there give much thought to vacuum tube radiation exposure, especially the larger transmitting styles? I'm not sure what distances constitute a potential hazard and taking into account the effectiveness of standard tube cages if present. I recall it was considered a serious topic by some but not all of the ship's radio operators I sailed with in the past. Your impressions / experiences pls.
Were there a danger, these tubes would have been outlawed in Western Europe and Canada a long time ago.

Not so much in China, Russia, USA, where anything goes.
over 10,000 volts and there is risk of Xrays.
I use a number a different type Mercury Rectifiers in my audio system. Some of the inserts that come in some of the tube boxes will warn you about the use if over 10,000 volts.

You can find some data on some tube data sites, look for 872a or 575a tubes and some of the data pages will say the same thing.

I use them well under their rated voltage.
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