Output impedence for Cary slp98

Does anyone know for sure the output impedence for matching of an amplifier for the cary slp98p. The Cary site states 440 ohms but the manual states 800 ohms. Thanks. Cheers
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Stereophile review states 800 Ohms as well... Could one be balanced and the other one unbalanced output?
Stereophile's Measurements section is where to find the real world, most useful impedance specifications.

In their review of the Cary SLP-98, John Atkinson states in his measurements:
The output impedance in the midrange and treble was usefully low, at 370 ohms, but this rose at 20Hz to 6.8k ohms, due to the limited size of the output coupling capacitors. This will prematurely and audibly roll off the bass with power amplifiers having an input impedance of much less than 20k ohms.

The important measurement here is the 6800 ohm spec at 20Hz. You can see it's substantially higher than Cary's 440 ohms, or the 800 ohms mentioned by Janhavjar.

This 6800 ohm figure is important because matching this preamp with an amplifier having a low input impedance could cause the sound to be bass shy.
Cool, I never knew that, excellent information.

Thanks Tvad for the real world info ! For some reason when I tried to look at this reveiw I would get a message that said 404 ERROR forbidden user. But the link you provided me here worked. Thanks again Tvad for your help. Cheers