Outlook Audio

Does anyone know if Outlook Audio in Horsham, Pa is still in business?
I believe they are out of business. Last time I drove by they had signs in the windows claiming they were out of business. I can't imagine if they were in business that this would be good for business. :)

That didn't last long. I never even had a chance to check them out.
I dealt with them a few times. I got my Halo C2, Esoteric DV50S and JM Labs 1027Be's there. I could tell he was in trouble with the deal I got for my 1027's. It just screamed desperation. The owner used to work at Soundex. They are out of business for sure. I was able to get some killer deals there though. Bad business and personal practices were probably the down fall.
They are gone. It is my understanding that serious personal issues led to their quick demise.