Anyone tried the FIM outlet?
I installed two FIM outlets about 3 months ago. Most of my components are power cabled with FIMs, as well. Initially, I thought I had attained too much of a good thing, but with proper break-in these outlets seem to perform quite well. A/Bing is out of the question, since I have no intents of returning to the hospital grade outlets previously in place. Whether the improvement justifies the expenditure I can't genuinely answer. Removing them may expose the gains best.
Siddh, if you don't mind me asking. How much do the outlets go for?
No_money- I believe they retail around $50 to $60 each duplex. I installed them and did perform an A/B with the heavy-duty (non-hospital grade) outlets. (I had two duplex outlets colocated with individual home runs back to the junction box on the same phase). There was a discernible difference: smoother, more delicate lower treble with improved texture in the mid to upper bass (cleaner with less muddied bloom in this area). (As a side note, I preferred the heavy-duty outlets to the hospital grade outlets during an earlier A/B). Just my .02.
Thanks Jctubes, I had 2 dedicated lines dropped in a house I am about to move in to and want to upgrade the outlets. Sounds like a reasonable tweak.
There has been a fair bit of discussion at Audio Asylum recently on the various Pass and Seymour spec grade outlets. Just replaced one of the Leviton isolated ground receptacles (orange)in my line conditioner with excellent results and plan to do the others this weekend. The P&S's run anywhere from about $3 to $7 U.S. I also own a Hubbell hsopital grade that I paid about $20 U.S. for and I would think the P&S 5262 would give it a run for the money, if not better it for $7. I'll know better in the next week or so.
Don't by the FIM outlets. These outlets are made by WoodHead and are stock models which you can pick up in any electrical store for under $20. The Leviton 5362-IGS is also a killer sounding outlet for under $10 at your local Home Depot.