Outlet - Shunyata vs Hubble 20 amp

Trying to decide between these two 20 amp outlets.

Shunyata SR-Z1 is cryogenically treated and built well, cost $100.

Hubble makes a hospital grade outlet HBL 8300 for about $30-$40.

Should I stick with Shunyata since I use their Power cords and cables? Anybody know anything about these outlets?


I use both 5362 and 8300.

Two 5362's in wall and 8300's in my power conditioners.

They were all manufactured 20+ years ago.

When trying them in wall the 5362 was slightly richer sounding with the 8300 sounding a little lighter/brighter.

I use the 8300's in my power conditioners which are fed by the 5362.

I purchased a bunch (24 I think) of the 8300's as used pulls for $30/shipped which is partly why I went with them.

Back then the 5362 retailed for <$20, but you could find them for <$8 at electrical supply houses.

There were also different versions of the 8300 with some being plated brass and some being plain brass (some of those in my bulk purchase were plated).

I used the plain version for HiFi.

I'll add that in my city using 20 amp units in a 15 amp system is against code.




The hubbel outlets are plated in nickel.  Isn't this a really really bad thing?

It's all about the metal bridging the wire to the Metal touching the plug.  It's not rocket science people.

The alloy should probably be beryllium copper, and the coating is left to the imagination who's selling it. And then they stretch it by saying Its dipped in liquid nitrogen and they call it Cryo.

So that's it, and leave extra space around the metal so it stays cool.

It's not rocket science people.