Outlaw sound

Do Outlaw amps have a characteristic sound? I have used NAD and Marantz, but I've never heard an Outlaw. Specifically, the RR2150.
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A characteristic sound ... I don't know, but I can talk about the RR2150. I find it a very clear and smooth sounding receiver. I have used it with NHT SB2 and Rega Ara speakers. It sounded great with both sets of speakers. The whole time that I have owned it, I have used a Cambridge Audio Azur 540 DVD player as my main source. The other thing that also helped was using silver/copper hybrid speaker cables and interconnects.

I preferred the Outlaw over the NAD C320BEE amplifier, which I liked a lot. I felt that the Outlaw sound had a bit more pep to it.

Regards, Rich