Outlaw Separates vs. Arcam 350 Receiver

I know most people here will prefer most separates to most receivers, but i've heard this receiver and have been very impressed. I have not heard the outlaw separates but have read many rave reviews. The comparison i'm considering is the Outlaw 990 Preamp and 7500 Amplifier (200W x5). Both list at $2500 and get rave reivews.

Anybody w/ any thoughts on this issue?

Anybody actually heard both of these or compared them?

I have heard both and they are different animals. In my view the Arcam is articulate, smooth, and best mated with very dynamic speakers, perhaps at levels less than very loud, unless the speakers are efficient. I think the Outlaw is best at putting out raw power and the 990 is best at flexibility for video. In short, for mostly music...the arcam, for mostly video, outlaw. Good luck!
Just based on what I read I think both are good. There is the extra set of ics you will need if you go Outlaw. ---This Arcam, does it have 7.1?? Does either have hdmi?? Anybody buying a receiver or processor today needs to think about hdmi.---Once you see HD-DVD or BlueRay you will understand why I say this.--The best audio comes thru the HDMI.---unless you do the sep. analog inputs.--(more money, as oppposed to one cable.)
Thanks for both responses. The Arcam 350 does do HDMI w/ switching and has 7.1 audio. Given Tgrisham's response it seems i'd be better leaning toward the Arcam as i prefer more for audio and may or may not bypass the reciever for video, so the flexibility is not as important for video. as avguygeorge brought up, i do plan on adding HD-DVD/BluRay to the mix quite soon (maybe wait about 6-12 more months for some settling out and players that actually decode the new audio formats as no receiver/preamps do it yet.

any other thoughts are still very welcome.