OUTLAW RR2150 vs NAD C 326BEE sonic differences?

I own an NAD C 326BEE with a pair of Sound Dynamic 300ti speakers which sounds pretty darn good but the NAD has no phono. I wonder if the OUTLAW RR2150 would be a step up in sound quality. I do not want to spend the money just for the phono option and take a sideways step in sound.

Has anyone compared these two amps? Even a comparison with a NAD 320 or 325 would be helpful.

If anything I would be looking for more high end 'open' quality and/or inner detail.

thanks for any info / tips

Why don't you just get a phono preamp?
keep the NAD, get a phono stage
thanks guys

I guess I will beat my OCD down with a bat! Sometimes I just get a thought in my head and that leads to action! I am sometimes wise enough to ignore it though... :^)

frankly I like the spartan appearance of single components and do not really have space unless I put the phono stage on top of the NAD.

also I was thinking the Outlaw may be a fair step up in sound quality but that would be hard to prove based on what little I have found comparing the two.

Maybe I will poke around at the phono stages - just for kicks...

I owned the NAD C320BEE for a number of years, which is the older brother of the C326BEE. If you search the review archives here, you will find my review of the 320BEE from 10 years ago.

I own the Outlaw RR2150 currently and have owned it for the past 7 years.

I like both products, a lot.

The build and sound qualities of each amp are pretty similar ... they are in the same class ... good solid performers. Get the Outlaw if you want a tuner. The Outlaw is a bit more sensitive to the other components in your chain ... pair it with better speakers or a better CD player and you will notice the differences a bit more than you would with the NAD.

The Musical Fidelity phono amp for $200 or so is a great buy, if you go with an outboard.

thanks Rich,

very useful information.

Sonically the OUTLAW RR2150 and NAD C 326BEE must be neck and neck.

Actually I have a vintage tuner (Sansui TU919) so that part is not really my interest. I was hoping the Outlaw would be a solid step up in sound quality from the NAD and it has more power and phono as well for roughly $250 more in price used.

It could have been fun but I will look elsewhere.
I should have said I owned the rr2150 and have owned a NAD 375BEE. Not quite the same, but NAD. I have owned many other NAD products, including receivers and CD players.
The NAD is a bit "warmer" if that is to your liking, it is mine. Also the volume control on the Outlaw, by remote is a bit finicky, a little touch goes a long way.
I like simplicity in my components, which is NAD. But as mentioned above, if the goal is a one box solution, then the Outlaw is a nice piece. Sound wise you would not gain, IMO
Many phono preamps at low prices that are as good as the Outlaw's built in one. Very happy with my Parasound phono pre. Agree that as integrateds the NAD and Outlaw are similar. I have had numerous quality problems with NAD.
Get a NAD pp2. Easy recommendation. It will match your current NAD amp and its only 3" x 5" so its easy to place.
Muzikat, I have kicked around the idea of buying a 375BEE I have presumed it would be better than the Outlaw hands down (maybe I have read too much into the reviews). Also interesting that the Outlaw has a touchy volume control, because I do not like the NAD control - too jumpy.

"Sound wise you would not gain, IMO" thanks for your input.

thanks JI35

Tbromgard good call, a small box may do.
The volume control can be fixed with a Harmony 880 remote. Tech support can change the transmit repeat on volume up and down from X3 to 0. This has been a most welcome change. The phono stage is quite good, but I am running a Bottlehead Seduction phono stage through the tape input, in my RR2150
thanks James

those harmony 880s are a pretty penny...

used for less I know
The volume control on the Outlaw is not as annoying as all that. Turn the receiver on and manually set the volume. Just how often are you going to futz with the volume? You can always hit 'mute' when the phone rings.

Admittedly, it was a wtf moment seven years ago when I purchased the Outlaw. But after awhile, I realized that I just didn't futz with the volume that often and it's not like any of my other amps had remote controls.


I guess I will find out myself, when I found out the RR2150
had a USB input I decided to buy one and expect it later
this week. I will give my two cents vs the NAD (which btw is
a 325 not a 326, I forgot what I owned). Between the phono,
the tuner and the USB the Outlaw is a nice little package
(also the option to use a better power cord is a big plus)
and if it's sound (sensitivity) is a bit better than the NAD
like you mention above, a steal at $499 used.


I got the Outlaw Audio RR2150 and it is a fair amount more neutral and nuanced than the NAD C 325BEE. In comparison the NAD is thick in the bass and upper bass and rolled off on top the Outlaw is quite neutral and more vibrant and lively with an open quality the NAD does not approach, yet the Outlaw has robust bass when it is present in the recording. Also the USB input sounds quite good, the tuner has OK sound and I have not moved things around to use the phono yet.

Overall I am very happy with the Outlaw