Outlaw, Rotel, or???

Looking to get a 5 channel amp should I go with the Outlaw 755, Rotel 1095 or save some more $$$ and get a Earthquake or perhaps a Sunfire 60% HT 40% music This unit will drive Mirage OM-7 Fronts OM-C2 Center & Om-R2's Have a Klipsch KSW-12 sub Will use my Dennon AVR2802 for the time being. Room is approx. 18x24x8
Try looking into B&K should keep you right in that price range and is very good stuff...
Definately listen to Anthem MCA 50. I have the MCA 20 and MCA 30 (i'm trying to keep two channel somewhat seperate). I have Monitor Audio silver series speakers (Canadian) and they are a great match!