Outlaw -- remote looks very similar to Anthem?


Does Outlaw have some history with Anthem?

I am looking at a used Outlaw 990 as a possible replacement for my Anthem AVM2. I was looking at the remote and it looks almost like a twin of my Anthem remote (which, btw, is not a good thing -- I hate the Anthem remote).

Coincidence? Or is there some history linking Anthem and Outlaw? If latter, anything else that would make the Anthem and Outlaw similar?

How do they compare? Because of the distance, I'd have to make the decision to buy the Outlaw before I go to purchase / pick it up.

Any thoughts appreciated.
Outlaw's 990 is OEM'd by Sherwood, and it is very similar to the P-965 pre-pro by Sherwood-Newcastle (a pretty nice sounding pre-pro, IMHO). The remote Sherwood uses is a rebranded Universal Remote. Although the 990 comes with a less expensive remote, I think it is also a Universal OEM. AFAIK, Anthem and Outlaw have no connections. I have not heard Anthem and Outlaw pre-pros side-by-side, but I have heard them, and they were both pretty good sounding. I think the AVM2 is much older than the 990. With the rapid improvement in both DAC chips and op-amps in the last few years, I'd say, at least in this case, newer is better. Just my $0.02.