Outlaw products....

Any feedback on OUtlaw amps,subs,etc?...I keep hearing about a 2-channel receiver but nothing has been confirmed....thanks...
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You want feedback on existing products or speculation on future products?
I have the 990 pre-proc. It sounds nice and is quite flexible. I use it feeding a GCC-100 control amp for HT and CD decoding for now - till I get a better D/A. Analog is fed directly to the GCC-1oo The Upsample feature of the 990 sounds really nice. Balanced out is good too. Great product- good price point.
Outlaw products are quite nice for the dollar. I own the 990 pre/pro, two 755 multichanel amps, and two of their M200 mono amps.
I've had only excellent results with them, sonically and with their customer support. They DO stand behind their equipment.
They are a great choice if you are getting into the hobby, or if you have limited budget.
You will get consistently good, but not extremely high end sound from them. You can especially work with the amps to make quite a pleasing system.

Their products also seem to be holding their value well; they are well built and hold up nicely if you look for a used component.

There are very few audio pieces that might be worth the price new (imho); Outlaw makes products that come awfully close to being worth every cent of the sticker price, but absolute bargains at used prices.