outlaw m2200/m200 - good for pure stereo?

hi all,
my eminent technology lft8b are on the way and I realize that my 45wpc arcam is not going to be suffecient.
Due to budget limitations ($650 max) I'm looking for inexpensive but powerful and clean power amp. the outlaw monoblocks seem to have nice specs(as far as i could say), but the question is - are they refined enough for pure stereo ssetup?

any response would be appreciated!

Well to answer your specific question ... refined enough for pure stereo set-up? I would say 'yes', they'll be able to handle that duty. These little amps are compact, good specs as you say (reasonably high S/N ratio, 200 wpc of "A" weighted power). I use them to drive the fronts in HT, and for two-channel pure stereo listening. They've been tweaked up with a tube buffer (between pre/pro to amps), good after market power cords like Signal/RAL, Hi-Fi Tuning fuses, and contact enhancement treatments. The Outlaws do well on most music, and if you invest in some higher quality low budget cables ... Signal, Audio Art, Speltz, Blue Jeans, etc ... one should be fairly satisfied.

Are the M2200's as refined as higher end gear? On acoustic material ... solo piano, guitar, and simple pieces, you get about 90%-95% there as compared to the Mark Levinsons of the world. There's somewhat more disparity when you've got a complex musical score producing a lot of low end. The Outlaws don't exhibit as much bass control. I've listened to reference recordings on my brother-in-law's ML 336; I also had some Nuforce Ref 9 SE V2's in for a short in-home audition. Swapping the Outlaws back in ... the music lost a sense of ease and refinement, and had a bit of grain not present with the Nuforce amps. But then again, the Outlaws cost more that $4,000 less. So that led me to the conclusion that more refinement - thinking along Class D amp lines ... Nuforce, Channel Island, Bel Canto - is going to cost more than $650 new. That's the reality of this hobby. Bottom line ... IMHO for the money, these Outlaw M2200's are good performers.
I used the M200 monoblocks for several years before upgrading. They are excellent for the money. There is a lot of competition, including Emotiva. You will be happy with the Outlaws and then you can upgrade later. i moved them to the surround speakers and still use them.
Thank you very much for your thorough answer! I really appreciate it!!