outlaw m2200 for HT?

Has anyone ever tried all 5 or 7 of these M 2200s ? I thought with class A/B/G, these M2200s should belong to the sub-woofer section but there are few guys over AVS using 5 or even 7 of these monoblocks for HT. Are they that good or are they only good at their price points ?Please share some thoughts on their SQ.
I don't know much about the mono blocs except for reading about them in home theater mag. I do have to say though..at last years RMAF..AV123 had one OutLaw 5 or 7 channel amp and preamp and OutLaw Sub set up in a room with a HD DVD player. The room was one of the most stunning at the show. Very Impressive for the buck! And i was there for only home audio but surprised to see this room. The demo track they used at the time was The House of Flying Daggers. The room came to life. It felt like the daggers were actaully flying across my face in the room. Again i can't speak for the mono blocs but i can only imagine them being that much better. I would give the guys over at AV123 a call. They will give you the low down about Outlaw for home theater appliations. I can bet i know what they are going to say.
For several years I have used Outlaw M200s for my center and surround speakers. They are reliable and cost-effective. I mostly listen to stereo but even with SACD and DVD-A the sound is very good. I highly recommend them. It allows for money to be spent elsewhere to greater good, like the source and speakers.