Outlaw Cables. Has anyone tried them?

I'm interested in the PCA (Analog interconnect) in particular and am wondering if you have any experience with them that you may want to share. How do they compare to the Discovery NOS, MAS Signature, Signal Analog 2 etc.?

I use them as the connections for DVD-Audio (3 pair) and they sound fine. The price is certainly reasonable. I've also used various Signal Cables without complaint. The newer Outlaws have smaller rca's which fit next to each other in tight spaces. The earlier models have larger locking connectors. I haven't heard the Discovery Nos, but when I called Discovery to ask about them, I was directed to more expensive models, so I chose not to pursue them. The Outlaws are very well-built and the sound I get from DVD-A through my Arcam/B&K equipment is quite satsfying. I broke them in for 100 hours. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase more if needed.

Thanks Mt10425.
Same here. I want to purchase 3 pairs to use in multi-channel system. I can't bring myself to justify over $99/pair, especially when this is a secondary rig. The cost of these I/Cs add up quickly.
For $100 or so, you can get stellar results in a copper design with used Harmonic Tech Truth Link's and Acoustic Zen WOW's These are going to be hard to beat at that money. Compares with more expensive Cardas Golden Cross.
Yeah, I'm sure the AZ's and HT's sound stellar, but the Outlaws are about $90.00 for THREE .5 PAIRS. They are also continuous cast copper like the Zen's. It's tough to beat the price for sound this good.